15 Reasons I secretly think are really why people dont want to book me or let me speak.


15 Reasons I secretly think are really why people dont want to book me or let me speak.

#1 They’re smiling like a racist that doesn’t want to ask me to leave or go to jail for saying something to my face.
#2 They’re threatened cause I have more talent in my pinky finger.
#3 They’re ignorant and haven’t heard of any of the people who endorse me who are more qualified than them to decide if I’m amazing.
#4 People are jealous petty and average.
#5 There’s some secret white economic apartheid rule about not hiring or paying POC and making us beg. I may have to go undercover at some point to prove this.
#6 They dont book people with out degrees, even though #2
#7 Don’t know what performance poetry is.
#8 The group is too atheist, humanist, and sciency and say I sound like magical crap.
#9 The group is too abundant and spiritual and I’m too loud, angry and poor.
#10 People are fake as fuck and full of bullshit.
#11 I’m brain damaged and autistic. Why should I thrive? Who wants to pay for that?
#12 “Not a good fit” for your event that has no poets or POC speaking on your topic. I think this is code for #1
#13 Its 3 to 10 minutes. If you can’t give a disabled impoverished POC single mom 3 minutes you’re a piece of crap like everyone else that won’t give us an inch of space.
#14 Cliques.
#15 Power trips.


Top 20 Reasons I Love Cascadia


Top 20 Reasons I Love Cascadia

#20 Berries – – Blackberries, raspberries, salmon berries, huckleberries, Spooners strawberries… You thought I was going to say apples didn’t you? Nope, the berries are better.

#19 Farmers markets with flying fish, bakeries that make soul cookies, urban farms with ancient vines, and organic locally made lollipops with zero regrets.

#18 You don’t have to shovel rain. True story.

#17 “It’s in the water” Best tap water this side of the Rockies.

#16 No plastic bags starting July 1st 2014 …you environment destroying single use menaces.

#15 Pow wows – Because thankfully there are many tribes out here that survived the holocaust of colonization historically disguised as manifest destiny.

#14 I have never been called a nigger in Cascadia. At least not to my face. Or any other slur of races I am not actually but resemble enough that I catch their insults in ‘Murica. We are very inclusive and tolerant out here in Cascadia, for the most part. I love that!

#13 Festivals -Cascadia Poetry Festival, The Spring Fairy Festival, Chinese new year celebrations, and PRIDE just to name a few.

#12 Rainbow Valley in the 1990’s. I think I may have taken a trip there once and if I did it was not a bad one.

#11 Decent local economies sprinkled with Boeing, Microsoft, and other global diabolical badassery for good measure such as….

#10 JBLM, Bremerton and Whidbey Naval bases. Just in case TSHTF Washingtonians will be pretty safe while soldiers kick Russian ass and the best drag queens north of San Francisco sing the star spangled banner with fierceness unlike any other.

#9 TESC and Cascadia Now! They are such a cute young couple.
#8 Protests, Rallies, federal judges that uphold the constitution and other political awesomeness.

#7 Seattle Portland and Olympia – Cultural hubs with beautiful backdrops of the forests and mountains are found all over Cascadia.

#6 Canada is a very nice neighbor to the north eh?

#5 Religious tolerance with a heavy dose of eastern influence mixed in with a few hippies, vegans, yoga, witches, hummus and a sitar.

#420 It’s a green region with MMJ, Cannacon and Hempfest or the right to be healthy and happy, as I like to call it.

#3 There are many alternative educational opportunities and community building organizations such as GRuB who work real miracles

#2 No Hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning storms, poisonous snakes or gators. Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t there that you really appreciate.

#1 Sasquatch – She’s actually pretty cool once you get to know her.

The No Bullshit Diet


Have you heard of the latest diet sensation? The No Bullshit diet! You don’t eat any gmos, factory farmed meat, or dairy, cause that’s bullshit. You dont drink alcohol made with gmos cause that’s bullshit. Fast food? Bullshit. Soda? Bullshit. All the stupid white shit Nazis eat? Fuck that bullshit. No white flour, salt, sugar, enslaved abused animal milk none of that bullshit. Because they will give you diabetes inflammation and high blood pressure. No bullshit! No dyes, chemicals, nitrates, or added sulfates. No sushi or pork because you’ll get parasites from that bullshit. So what do you eat then? First off you eat less and stop stuffing your face with this crap. Second drink more filtered water your liver and kidneys will thank you. 3 The vegan trinity beans greens and grains cause you dont need meat three times a day. 4 Add some free range organic grass fed wild meat sparingly. 5 Eat a new fruit and vegetable every month for a year. Yeah omg you need to go to new stores! 6 Learn what your local wild foods are and go get them. 7 Grow your own garlic and onions because you need them to cook every day and its easy as fuck. 8 There are a ton of alternate milks, try them all! 9 100% Blue agave tequila and organic cider are great. Of course they’re expensive. Drink less, dumbass. 10 Do this with ever increasing accuracy for 20 years until everything you cook is better than 95% of what you could eat in a restaurant and then you will have reached the ultimate no bullshit level. But then eating out will suck or be expensive and thats also – No Bullshit! No cooking in plastic in microwaves. Learn to cook and garden. Pull the bullshit from your cupboards and fridge. Make farmer friends that have goats. Breed happy chickens to barter for happy cheese.
And remember….

As within
So without
Don’t put bullshit
In your mouth

For more from Lennée Reid listen to “The Second Coming Of Matriarchy” on band camp.

Hummingbird Gossip – Blaine Alexander Lindsey


Says one hummingbird to another:
“Ive been watching certain people. Getting closer. Some speak to the plants again, walk seeking medicine, softly arrive to converse with the land. Im beginning to like them, Its hard to explain..”

“I get it” replies the other, “along my way Ive noticed too. The hands grazing rosemary branches, pressed in prayer against a conifer. Though mostly they are busy and dangerous and im terrified of their power, their impact..”

The first says “me too, But still, all the time there are more and more that I feel safe drinking near. I can handle the vibrations, I peek inside while drinking from red glass flowers and see them living in a good way. There seems to be hope for us all…If they continue to come home, If they start to treat the earth as home again”

Blaine Alexander Lindsey is an amazing poet and artist that is always looking for collaborations and artistic work. https://www.facebook.com/blainealexander.lindsey

Poem: Zen by Inès Díez



stop giving opinions
scratch all expectations
the world is what it is
you are not going to change

much in spite of your rage

accept there will always be



feel the sun warming your face

the rain

sprouting your longing
the wild wind

extending your boundaries
the autumn

drops its colorful drape
you let your old skin die

another year

contemplate your inner world
your solitude, heartache
the plankton of your untold dreams

stay in the field in the sacred web
where all hands are connected
you know you are naked

don’t need a man

telling you are beautiful

you don’t

ines diez

October 15, 2017

Poem: The Fear Dream


The deer in the basement
Are staring at me.
With fear in their eyes
As clear as could be.

At the bottom of the staircase,
About a dozen, or so.
Huddled and looking at me
They don’t know where to go.

I know I can free them
From inside, one by one.
And each time a fear of mine
Is undone.

So, I open a door
As the deer simply stare
All of their eyes
Reflecting a glare

With the open door calling
At the top of the steps
A brave little fawn
Seems to be most adept.

He walks out the door
And into the night.
I look down at the others
Still filled with fright.

As I wake up
I realize it’s time
To release all these fears
Locked up in my mind.

Just like the fawn,
I shall also be brave
Living life to the fullest
Each day, ’til the grave.

“The Fear Dream”
A Poem by Rebecca Genesis

Author, intuitive, and paranormal investigator. Find her at ghostseer.




Nous ne avons pas besoin 10 commandements

Juste cette vérité

Il n’y a pas de divisions, nous sommes une

Un esprit un seul corps une âme

Une vie une planète juste un

Donc, ce est mon plaidoyer ce est mon cri

Si vous ne comprenez pas que je ne peux pas vous dire pourquoi

Ce est le sol sous mes pieds

Et mon oeil dans le ciel

Je suis une

Quand vous voyez vos frères et sœurs et de dire

Hey, comment ça va? Êtes-vous bien?

Rappelez-vous, nous sommes une

Nous avons tous besoin de quelque chose

Comme la vérité dans le centre

De tous les rayons d’une roue

Entouré dans l’espérance et l’amour

Je vois honnêtement que nous sommes une

Brun jaune blanc noir et rouge

Place du pédé droite

Nous sommes tous en train de manger dans la même assiette

Et dormir dans un lit

Quand nous pensons à l’autre au lieu de la peur

Accepter l’autre comme une

Quand vous voyez un chiot malade

Ou une meute de loups à l’attaque Pourquoi rester en arrière?

Tu ne vois pas que nous sommes dans une condition

Et se comporter comme une?

Regardez-nous et vous-même dans le miroir

Parce que tout est une

Or, qui dit qu’il n’y a pas de divisions laisser être parmi nous?

Il n’y en a pas ici avec une

Il n’y a pas de clôtures cellules des prisons ou des murs

Ils sont tous un rêve une illusion que nous sommes une

Je suis une

Vous êtes une personne avec une perspective

Né avec une volonté et une languette

À un moment donné d’une mère

Juste une

Si vous cherchez la vérité, alors vous êtes une

Si nous aimerions tous nos ennemis …

Eh bien je suppose qu’il n’y en aurait pas!

Êtes-vous un?

Il n’y a pas d’ennemis dans une

Vie de l’âme du corps d’un seul esprit planète un seul

Nous sommes l’un le Juif islamo-chrétien

Animiste humaniste athée hindoue

Wiccan Pagan les bouddhistes Zen Too

Les agnostiques sont en avance sur moi ici

Vous saviez tous …. il pourrait y avoir une

Et ici, ce est parce que nous sommes une

Cherche la sagesse vérité et l’honnêteté

Comprendre l’acceptation et le pardon

Prier à méditer et à débattre

Qui a la meilleure réponse?

Comment atteindre le nirvana?

Vais-je être accepté dans le ciel?

Sommes-nous vraiment séparés par amour des gens?

Que sommes-nous discutons de?

Quoi qu’il en soit, la réponse est que nous sommes une

Comme une vérité dans le centre

De tous les rayons d’une roue

Entouré dans l’espérance et l’amour

Je crois honnêtement que nous sommes une

Prédicateur et le pécheur une

Cops voleurs juges prisonniers une

Concessionnaires toxicomanes Bloods Crips houes et les proxénètes


Soldats généraux président pape une

Rois et reines réfugiés

Une vie d’amour espoir rêve et une crainte

Le passé, le présent l’avenir

Ici et maintenant est une

Les oppresseurs et celle des opprimés

Les riches et les sans-abri une

Dans le ghetto de la maison de l’igloo la cabane

Le tipi la maison longue

Où que l’on est au

Je suis mon temple notre temple est nous

Soyons à la maison comme l’un aime juste

Une vérité dans le centre

De tous les rayons d’une roue

Entouré dans l’espérance et l’amour

Je crois honnêtement la vérité est

Nous sommes tous cette


© Lennée Reid