13 reasons why I’m crazy

13 Reasons Why I'm Crazy. #13 Hexes and curses. Real ones. #12 Havent been shagged right in the last 13 years. Never talk about my ex but he did that right. #11 Head injuires, unmentionable traumas, out of body and near death experiences from 2 high speed car accidents. #10 Know why I interpret dreams … Continue reading 13 reasons why I’m crazy

How Rapey is He?

How Rapey Is He? 10 The Vatican or Jeffrey Dahmer. Really who can split hairs on this one? I dont think the Vatican are cannibals, but they have Dahmer beat on sheer numbers. Pedophile. Cannibal. Same same. 9 Ted Bundy. Remember how many people said how nice he was? 8 "Man camps" Ok not all … Continue reading How Rapey is He?

Jesus Returns for the Holidays

Scene: Jesus returns for the holidays. He goes to many holy sites looking for his true followers. Surprisingly he disqualifies almost everyone except Indigenous, Mormons, Unitarians, and a few others from entering the pearly gates of heaven. A summary of Jesus's analyses: Catholics- Protecting pedophiles!?! Man should not lay with child! Who translated this gospel? … Continue reading Jesus Returns for the Holidays

How the Internet Works – A Guide… For the Oblivious.

How the Internet Works: A Guide.... for the Oblivious If you have been using facewebz for a decade or two now and do not know the following yet, seek professional help or at least get off the net. Nothing you post on here about your permission will ever make anything you say or upload private … Continue reading How the Internet Works – A Guide… For the Oblivious.