CSL Seattle talent show 7/18/14

I had a wonderful experience at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle talent show last Friday. I performed  Freedom" and "One": http://youtu.be/MmAQl3fAmj8 Karina Bell and Mia Wood  sang "Let it Go" beautifully. Haji Basim performed a soul stirring song. And the Back Alley Girls closed out the show like true professionals. 2014 07 18 … Continue reading CSL Seattle talent show 7/18/14


My top 10 favorite words and phrases

#10 Soul I love anything that has soul. Soul food, soul music, poetry that touches the soul. Soul is deep, mysterious. Things with soul inspire goosebumps and tears. I have a body, I am a soul. It also sounds like Sol.  I love that too. #9 Goodly My kid started saying this at a young … Continue reading My top 10 favorite words and phrases