CSL Seattle talent show 7/18/14


I had a wonderful experience at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle talent show last Friday. I performed  Freedom” and “One”: http://youtu.be/MmAQl3fAmj8


Karina Bell and Mia Wood  sang “Let it Go” beautifully.

Haji Basim performed a soul stirring song.

And the Back Alley Girls closed out the show like true professionals.
2014 07 18 Talent Show at CSL Seattle 004: http://youtu.be/XYmJrq5Bajw

Monica Sicards performed “brother warrior” with a true warriors soul.

Beverly Daugherty did an amazing job bringing everyone together. The sound and lighting were  beautiful. Everyone in the show worked together so well!

The experience made the hair on my arms stand up so many times I lost count!

My daughter took my video. Aren’t her fingernails lovely Lennée

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My top 10 favorite words and phrases


#10 Soul
I love anything that has soul. Soul food, soul music, poetry that touches the soul. Soul is deep, mysterious. Things with soul inspire goosebumps and tears. I have a body, I am a soul. It also sounds like Sol.  I love that too.

#9 Goodly
My kid started saying this at a young age and we decided then, it’s a word. Bad badly good goodly. Makes sense and it’s cute to still hear our English rule breaking word. She’s doing goodly in school so no harm done. Things are going goodly.

#8 Encyclopedia
I am a walking encyclopedia. I could spell encyclopedia when I was 7. Encyclopedias are one of my favorite things. I own a readers encyclopedia and it’s indispensable. Nuff said.

#7 Om
Om and amen are the same word to me. The denote sacred sound. A group of people all oming feels and sounds magical.

#6  Be blessed
Be blessed, blessed be ,blessings to all is one is me. Random poetics is a great way to let words speak for themselves.

#5 Thank You
Gratitude is life changing. Thankfulness is healing. Graciousness is polite. I am thankful for so much.  Thank you for reading my blog!

#4 Shit Ton
“Literally a shit ton” is one of my favorite phrases. If you’ve never heard this phrase before, it means; a real number or amount beyond comprehension, description, or finding. An amount like the amount of radiation released from Fukushima. The amount of grief a mother feels losing all her children to war or natural disaster. The amount of oil and chemicals spilled in the Gulf of Mexico. The number of individual grains of sand in the Sahara. The exact amount of unnecessary ignorance, poverty, famine, war, and homelessness in the world. All literally a shit ton.

#3 Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious
It’s fun to say. It’s fun to spell without autocorrect. Mary Poppins has been one of my favorite books since 3rd grade. It reminds me to be preposterously silly and make up my own words.

#2 Bullshit
This word doesn’t get enough respect. Some things are just bullshit and I’m quite averse to them all. Even wrote a poem titled bullshit. It will have a part two. I may write an essay on my severe bullshit allergy.
Bullshit explains things, big complicated things sometimes with great clarity. Like the kid who has leukemia. That’s just some bullshit for anyone to go through. I’m just respectful enough to the kid to say ” leukemia is some bullshit, huh?” And get a smile of agreement in return. Any kid going through bullshit should get to say bullshit and not get any bullshit comment about their truthful mouth.

#1 namaste
Ahhh Namaste I honor the divine in you as the same divine in me. A place of peace where the whole universe is one.
It has so much more meaning than hello or goodbye. I almost like the word mahalo as much. But mahalo implies mutual respect, so I use it much less. I could say Namaste to a bird or a baby and be right in my soul. Mahalo is for extra goodly people who say thank you, like soul food, and have an aversion to bullshit. That would garner additional props.

Namaste everyone and be blessed with a shit ton of very goodly researched encyclopedias. ❤

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