The Playground

The Playground

Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Einstein, Lucifer, and Tesla

Are all bouncing on pogo sticks at the playground.

A queen approaches, exits her carriage and walks over.

All of them stop hopping because of her beauty.

She asks them “Who has the best pogo stick?”

Moses says “My pogo is made of wood grown in the last world. It clears any path I choose right before my eyes.”

Jesus says “My pogo was sent by God By it I can hop to the top of any mountain”

Buddha says “My pogo is made from the heart of a bodhi tree. By its own balance and power I never fall off.

Einstein says” My pogo is powered by the laws of physics.

It will take me anywhere and everywhere. Relative to where I am now of course.”

The Devil says “My pogo is made from the bones of sheep. It always follows my will.

Tesla says “My pogo is entirely energy. It is both always here now and there then.”

The queen replies “Those are amazing pogos. May I hold them? I promise to treat them well and do them no harm.”

Even the devil hands his pogo to the queen due to her grace and beauty.

The queen takes off her crown and stretches it to fit around every pogo like a wheel.

She then proclaims: “Whatever vehicle this wheel carries will clear any path, climb any mountain, the rider will never fall off,

it will carry them anywhere and everywhere their will desires here now and there then, never failing through all of eternity.”

The men do not believe the queen and ask for a demonstration. So she suggests the men place the wheel on the carriage so they can take a test drive.

They all get in travel around the world over every mountain and through time, safely returning to the playground.

Everyone gets out of the carriage except the queen.

And when they ask for their 6 pogos back the queen says

“I am truly sorry but I have only this one priceless wheel, I see no pogos. Would you not agree it is far too precious a wheel to destroy so that you all can go bouncing about like fools?”

The moral of the story?

The most powerful men in history are no match for an intelligent, beautiful woman who is going places.

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