My favorite thing to eat currently


Fresh rolls at Narai Thai Cuisine

The fresh rolls, or fresh spring rolls at Narai Thai in downtown Olympia are the best in town.  I have tried a dozen establishments fresh tolls and Narai is the only one that has my stamp of approval for this dish. They are consistently filled with the freshest leaf lettuces, carrots and tender chicken breast strips. The outer rice paper roll has a soft and firm substance that holds the roll beautifully. I really prefer every ingredient they use individually. The presentation with baby bock choy florette, shredded cabbage, carrots, and basil are always crisp and fresh. The two sauces, a warm peanut sauce and a sweet chilli sauce, come with chopped peanuts for that extra crunch. Sweet, spicy, warm, crunchy these taste like spring eaten in August or January.


I love the wait staff!

The wait staff are friendly and prompt.  I’ve always been happy with my service. Which is rare. I was a waitress. I’m a fair tipper but I always leave more than 10-15% here because for around 4.50$ for two delicious, healthy hand made snacks and a smile I feel I’m getting a great deal an give an extra buck when I can.
I commend how they treat a regular who just comes in for a quick bite. I take in the ambiance. The beautiful art, listening to trickle of a fountain, dim lights, relaxing atmosphere.
Its a great place to stop for a bite.
My daughter orders the pad kee lew. When we eat together. I enjoy that as well. But I have occasionally skipped entree and had 3-4 fresh rolls. Because they are after all.
My favorite thing to eat out currently.

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