The aftermath of the supposed end of slavery.


Slavery just got nicer. People still rape and don’t go to jail. They let you go home since you’re not really owned. This is not freedom. This is suffocation.    #icantbreathe  when I see people  getting lynched and the murderers walk free. They melted chains into bullets. Cant you see my  #handsupdontshoot #Every28hours  Bodies lie on the street instead of hanging from trees. Our government is bearing strange fruit. Cant you see #blacklivesmatter  The runaway slave patrol hunted with us with dogs. Our local state patrol brings k-9 along to hunt you. Or hunt for drugs the FDA didn’t prescribe you. Politicians are not smarter than you, but you better do #WTF they tell you to.  Simon says if you have a headache that’s worth a couple hundred to somebody. What are we worth? What do we cost? How do we get milked for free? Fucked for free. Raped for free. Murdered for free. This is the aftermath of the supposed #slavery.  This is #truth. #alllivesmatter  Mexicans still get get treated like slaves by the direct descendants of slave masters. Illegal aliens in their own homelands invaded. #migrantfarmworkers #modernslavery We are told what to do, where to go,  and how to do it and get fined and imprisoned for bullshit. Oh sure you can get freedom and #justice if you can afford it. The crime of being black in america. Where is the appropriate public place is for a black man to walk or sit? Simon says the gestapo want your papers. Name age ID where you from what’s your destination? Now your going to jail because we don’t like your attitude. Cooperate with their harassment with a smile or they will kill you. While known murderers and rapists walk free. I don’t know about you but to me this doesn’t seem very free.

The aftermath of the supposed end of slavery.

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