Solstice Poem: An Eve’s Blessings


An Eve’s Blessings

Be blessed I say to everyone
Be blessed by the return and rise of the sun
Wherever you’re at north south east or west
For many this time of the year is the best

Each has a view of what happens these days
Bringing warmth and light in their own ways
So I deliver ancient blessings that this time brings
From every direction these things

Be blessed the north with thy coldest days
Both near and far reflect your ways
Plump belly reindeer and fire glow
Helped us make it through days of old in the snow

The land of the east and the morning sun
Has been many days so the place holds the name
Where the sun does rise
Here is where new life comes from, the sky

The south from whence cometh such soul and fire
Where the sun neither wavers falters or tires
Steady its heat comes like the beat of the drums
That speak of the place friends and family do come

In the west the sun sets as the past goes on its way
Always leaving the promise of a new risen day
So wherever you are look inside and remember
All over the world solstice comes in June and December

Truly all good things come from above
All places are the same located in love
Listen with your heart can you hear the singing
It’s the joy that friends and family are bringing

Oh! And one last thing before I go
The debt and greed of the season
That bullsh!t is from below

Happy Festivus

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