Shady Bitch

Shady Bitch I've been called a nigger in the summer Then beaner until late fall But winter til mid spring No one guesses wtf I am at all! Cause I'm a shady bitch Shape shifting witch I am rainbow colored inside and out People always try to figure me out They ask if I'm Hawaiian … Continue reading Shady Bitch


Keep Calm I’m the Queen

I am just so tired of this crap in the news every day. Girls kids black white innocent bystanders. When will this bullshit stop? I'll tell you when. When I'm Queen. Q-How long has this racist classist genocidal bullshit been going on? A- Forever. Q- For how many of the forever racist classist genocidal bullshit … Continue reading Keep Calm I’m the Queen

My favorite thing to eat currently, now that I’m veganish

A while ago I went vegan. I must say it was easier than I thought. My health is already improving. I've always been a foodie into organics, so it was just a matter of making a few adjustments. So here's a some yummy pictures and descriptions of my favorite things to eat currently. No recipes. … Continue reading My favorite thing to eat currently, now that I’m veganish

Giraffe, beaver, or moose?

Giraffe, Beaver, or Moose? After seven months of intense fighting, the beaver has emerged as the final non-human mammal to populate the earth. Despite its diminutive size and somewhat awkward gait, the beaver proved too flexible an opponent for one-trick ponies such as the moose, the giraffe and, indeed, the pony (trick unavailable at press … Continue reading Giraffe, beaver, or moose?

Wandering dark house

If you happened upon this house on an off trail hike, what would you do? Run or go inside? Something else? Knowing how people are, this can go three ways. Wandering Dark House #1- During a long hike, wandering off trail, I stumble across a seemingly long abandoned house. Looks like only nature is in … Continue reading Wandering dark house