Accepting Submissions


Calling all poets and writers!

I’d like to post more truth and poetry here on asliceofmysticpi. If you’d like to submit poetry or an article preference is given to environmental, political, geeky, spiritual, edgy and revolutionary material.  So, send your short bio, picture, links to your blog or video, and submission in the body of the email, or as attachments, to 

Thank you



5 thoughts on “Accepting Submissions

  1. angelica guillen



    you closed the door
    to your heart


    virgin crown thorns
    you place on my tongue


  2. A Different Memorial Memory

    When I think of wars and all that’s done
    In the name of Christ or Gods unknown

    I shudder.

    Remembering the dead, from wars or life
    I see never-ending strife and

    I shudder.

    I remember women, beaten to death
    By men who were their husbands

    I remember youth in the prime of life
    Whose own hand put them under.

    I remember needless deaths that come
    When there is no money for doctors.

    Drunk drivers slaughter on our roads
    Working mothers carrying too heavy a load

    Students who wish to walk
    Down a peaceful road.

    Babies in dumpsters, beliefs out of proportion
    Too much religion for abortion and

    I shudder.

    We seem to celebrate our heinous wrongs
    Sing of great war heroes in our songs.

    But today I remember the everyday deaths
    The senseless ones from neglect

    The brutal ones from crimes committed
    The needless ones from sins omitted

    For all these unsung poor and weak
    I lift my voice and speak

    But all that will come out today


    2005 Memorial Day

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