Send Lennee to WOWPS


Dear People of The Internet,

I have a favor to ask. You see, I recently won the Olympia People’s Mic Women Of The World Poetry Slam qualifier.

Photo credit: Ryan Harris

That’s an actual picture of me crying when I won, and Rachel Greene being a supportive awesome person.

So now, I am asking for your support to get to WOWPS this March. I would love the opportunity to present my poetry on the national stage and compete representing my favorite town, Olympia, WA. I am a single mom and I’m a disabled, troubled artist poet so money is really really tight. Poetry is my passion. It has given me a voice and helps me heal to survive this rollercoaster called life. So if you enjoy my blog writing, I hope you do, and would love to support the arts, women, and moms in this way, please make a donation to “Send Lennee to WOWPS” on Indiegogo

So why should you give me money to go to WOWPS? What is that anyway? And will giving me your money change the world? Ill tell ya.
WOWPSis more than a poetry slam. Its a week where the most outspoken women come together to share and learn in sisterhood. Please help me get there. It will help me grow as a person. Its an experience I would love to share daughter. I have worked hard to qualify to be a part of it. Sending us there would literally influence my life and my daughters chances of going to college. Yes you can change the world one dollar at a time. And for 25$ you even get a special edition handmade chapbook signed by me.
Cover art “The Goddess of Woo” by Kay Shevon
How cool is that? I designed the cover and it has my best slam poems so it’s very cool. So cool it will be worth 300$ when im a famous poet. An investment shall we say?

Oh! And if you haven’t seen me perform before, heres some recent footage from Seattle Poetry Slam

And some really old footage of from before I ever competed in a slam, because it’s always fun to look at old footage.


That’s the poem that started this journey. One. It’s been said in more places than I could imagine already. How about New York?

Thanks for following reading supporting and listening. Thank you.

Thank you.


Aka “The Queen”


Morsels in Seattle


So new year new shows new places to eat new blog post here we go.

So I was in Seattle last week. I checked out a beautiful venue, the Columbia City Theater, with my friend and fellow performer The Big Funny Travis Simmons. 


That’s a picture of Travis with the event poster at the venue.  Omg and would you look at that. I am on that big ass poster too. Im kinda proud of that so. Yeah. Feburary 4th at the Columbia City Theatre I will say moving funny poetic sh!t it will be awesome come check it out. No cover.

While in Seattle I visited my friend Aidan, who is going to be a world class dentist once UW is finished running her into the ground… Go Dawgs! Then I went to a biscuit joint. Now, granted it is standing room only because there are like 4 tables and a 3 seater counter and register to this whole cafe, but also because the biscuits are so delicious.


Mushroom biscuits and gravy at Morsels, Seattle

Half order one scrambled egg it was delicious. Hit the spot.  Now there is a lot to mention about this little cafe on University way.


The menu is straight forward and everything on it sounds delicious.

They have this hot sauce that is perfect on biscuits and gravy and eggs.


But thats not all. I ordered one mushroom gravy biscuit with 2 eggs scrambled. The counter lady was all “Are you sure you want two? Cause two is like four, one is like two. We whip them up they are really good”

That was awesome and honest. It was like two eggs just ordering one. She did me a favor I can really appreciate cause Im broke.

So if youre near 4754 university way, have 5-10 bucks, and are hungry. Go to Morsels. You’ll be happy you did.

Vegan biscuits and gravy. My favorite vegetarian thing to eat currently.