Morsels in Seattle

So new year new shows new places to eat new blog post here we go.

So I was in Seattle last week. I checked out a beautiful venue, the Columbia City Theater, with my friend and fellow performer The Big Funny Travis Simmons. 


That’s a picture of Travis with the event poster at the venue.  Omg and would you look at that. I am on that big ass poster too. Im kinda proud of that so. Yeah. Feburary 4th at the Columbia City Theatre I will say moving funny poetic sh!t it will be awesome come check it out. No cover.

While in Seattle I visited my friend Aidan, who is going to be a world class dentist once UW is finished running her into the ground… Go Dawgs! Then I went to a biscuit joint. Now, granted it is standing room only because there are like 4 tables and a 3 seater counter and register to this whole cafe, but also because the biscuits are so delicious.

Mushroom biscuits and gravy at Morsels, Seattle

Half order one scrambled egg it was delicious. Hit the spot.  Now there is a lot to mention about this little cafe on University way.


The menu is straight forward and everything on it sounds delicious.

They have this hot sauce that is perfect on biscuits and gravy and eggs.


But thats not all. I ordered one mushroom gravy biscuit with 2 eggs scrambled. The counter lady was all “Are you sure you want two? Cause two is like four, one is like two. We whip them up they are really good”

That was awesome and honest. It was like two eggs just ordering one. She did me a favor I can really appreciate cause Im broke.

So if youre near 4754 university way, have 5-10 bucks, and are hungry. Go to Morsels. You’ll be happy you did.

Vegan biscuits and gravy. My favorite vegetarian thing to eat currently.


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