Temple of Cannabis


welcome to the temple of cannabis home of initiates in the sacred arts of roll it up smoke it and puff puff give our most devout will… Wait.. What was I saying? 🙂  we place the dab on a pedestal kneel to the grow in all its forms open high times read prayers of warriors here we are blessed with a purple haze that brightens dark days mother mary jane keeps us sane heals our pains thorns pulled from the side of  those who prophesied a green age our saints are persecuted discriminated all races Marley Herrer Montel Cheech and Chong  Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg get along over a bong in this temple we resurrect revolution ending prohibition healing our mission we are blessed by our sacred mother of happiness and industry who dances through legislation on clouds that convert minds to open so listen converse with growers patients activists be sure they have what you need and above all don’t just smoke it real champions eat their weedies!

Lennée Reid

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