The march for the one year anniversary of the shooting of Andre Chaplin Thompson and Bryson Chaplin

Today at 130 am marked the one year anniversary of the shootings of Andre Chaplin Thompson and Bryson Chaplin by a lone Olympia police officer who pursued them over shoplifting.


The community marched and showed their continued support.


More must still be done to hold officers accountable, like a citizens review board, because #Blacklivesmatter and  #Nativelivesmatter 


There were many speakers at the march after we circled at city hall.


#stopmurderbypolice  #stopmassincarceration

Pat John from Puyallup came, along with people supporting Justice for Jackie, and spoke.  So many people  who have had a family member taken unjustly by police terror had words to share.  There were many families of the fallen together in solidarity.


Teachers, students, kids, babies grandparents, able, disabled, LGBTQ the whole community was there to show support . #olyactivist #dropthecharges


This next pictures, I’m super proud of, were  taken  with expired tabs driving up a one-way the wrong way during a protest while texting .  Epic activist achievement unlocked.



#ftp #acab   #NojusticeNopeace No racist ass police! That’s how we protest in Olympia.


Shout out to Crystal Chaplin, Caro Gonzales, Gutta Cain, Scott Yoos, and Kelly Miller who is Olympia’s reigning poetry grand slam champion and a bad ass activist  and baby communist.  I love her work.



It was a great day to March. Last year Andre and Bryson were in the hospital. Now they’re at the front of the march. I’m sure there would’ve been a bigger turnout, had the march against Monsanto not been earlier that day.  I know I missed it to be here. The struggle is real.  We keep marching.


About the author



Lennée Reid is a geeky veganish universalist QPOC witch doctor mama bear poet activist survivor goddess on the spectrum who doesnt like labels that uses punctuation when she d@mn well pleases smile emoticon period Lennée has appeared in the UPS DIRT! project, Creative Colloquy, VONA, The Girl God, Tattoosday, and is forthcoming from Lost Tower. Her poems and photos are often in “Works In Progress”. Lennée repped Olympia Peoples Mic in NYC for WOWPS 2016, has featured and slammed across the country, and was heard on the KAOS 89.3 lit show “Tell It Slant”.

Find her @lenneereid


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