Policy Storm


Policy Storm

If I were Queen
It would be my pleasure
To free lots of people
Starting with Leonard Peltier
Then the pot criminals
Who are not criminals
Wage slaves too
Let loose all the animals
Enslaved in zoos
Unleash rivers from dams
Banish fear from night
Quench all who thirst
For water is life

Honor the treaties
Give away land
Feed all who hunger
Free women from man
Freedom for the house less
Freedom to survive
Liberty and peace
To live our lives
Free to study and pray
In every tongue
Break the shackles of student debt
Just for fun
Freedom to travel
Free of deportation
Completely outlaw hate
From Mother Earth our nation
To rise as one
A people united
We must join hands
Stand and triumph
If I were Queen
It would be my pleasure
To make sacred gates safe
From political weather


Lennon Reid is a geeky veganish poet activist mystic survivor goddess on the spectrum who doesn’t like labels that uses punctuation when she damn well pleases smile emoticon period

She is most recently published by The Girl God and Lost Tower and was the  Olympia Peoples Mics first WOWPS representative in 2016. Her debut spoken word album “The Second Coming of Matriarchy ” is available at lenneereid.bandcamp. com


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