15 reasons being homeless in Olympia is better than being a homeowner in Flint



15 reasons being homeless in Olympia is better than being a homeowner in Flint.

1 It’s in the free clean 24 hour
artesian well water.
2 Bathe in the Deschutes at your leisure not in lead at your house.
3 Pick up organics at the food bank instead of a water ration.
4 When you get your shit together you can buy or sell a house legally.
5 Your grandkids will have better DNA and larger IQS.
6 Can you say higher life expectancy?
7 Way less racism and murder!
8 Olympia is nowhere near Detroit.
9 Water is life. Olympia is full of life and #nodapl activists.
10 Gaze upon the beauty of Mt Ranier not the fall of society.
11 Olympia has Crazy Faith.
12 Legal weed is so good people get off drugs alcohol and pills a lot here.
13 People heal in Olympia.
14 The water never catches fire. Oh wait that’s not Flint. Where was that? NOT IN OLYMPIA!!
15 You have all your brain cells and understand the reasons that’s why you’re homeless in Olympia FB_IMG_1490071652343


Beautiful Gender Fluidity


Beautiful Gender Fluidity

Exhibiting behaviors and characteristics of both sexes is not only scientifically possible it’s more prevalent than you’d think. Most people do not remotely understand all of the factors that make someone male for instance and there are most certainly specifically biological components to the feminization of males and masculonazio of females even from before birth. Furthermore, many of these traits are passed on through increasingly unviable sperm. In a study of male Chinese sperm only 18%was viable with most having two heads or two tails or swimming in circles. Specifically those sperm dna lacked the ability to produce receptors for or produce androgens.

There is a spectrum of sex also XXY hermaphrodites and fragile X masculinized women.

There is at least 1 known case of an xy karyotype female that had 2 unassisted natural pregnancies. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2190741/

Also there is a single tribe in the Dominican Republic where you can be born female and at puberty your balls descend and they have a party you are male and grow a penis. The development gene switches on then instead of inutero

Seriously it is 1% of 1 tribe.


A species doesnt need a 100 percent strict gender binary to reproduce. It just needs sperm to meet egg most of the time. Within that, there is a huge amount of variation. There is sexual dimorphism where the male and female of a species basically look the same. There are species where there are 2-3 different types of males, one that is big and tough, and one that is clever and disguises himself as a female so that he can sneak into the harem and reproduce without the bigger male knowing. Then you have seahorses where the male carries the eggs. Then theres banana slugs, sequential hermaphrodites, and hyenas, which are extremely matriarchal and have very complex gender. So the idea of a divine gender binary is categorically bullshit. All gender and sexuality are are evolutionary strategies. If the strategy passes on the genes, it is a success. Gender variance is a success. Real biologists see species doing many things with sex and gender while being completely successful when it comes to surviving and passing on their genetics. This is because throughout the massive span of billions of years of time on this planet, flexible sex/gender strategies are actually important for survival.


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