The Night of 9/9


​The night of 9/9
I was flying in my first car 

Chrysler New Yorker 

Close my glovebox done 

Whatever I was messing with 

Is not important anymore


I soared through a fire station 

Commotion bells sirens 

Men sliding down 

Running around halls frantic

I continue flew through a desert 

Devoid of all but a simple trailer

Flew through viewed men in turbans

Watching TV silent from disbelief 

I took off flying right down a strange street

All it had was gas stations 

As far as the eye can see. 

I fly and think this can’t be right. Lies

I bank to the side circled around 

Twice behind the last station 

Fenced in with kennels out back

Four dogs one a pure white Pyrenees 

One with a chow red like flames 

Last kennel with two dogs dead

German shepherd and a Dalmatian 

I flew on and I couldn’t understand why

It was snowing this high in the South 

Orange mesh barricades below

On both sides

My eyes burn

I rise cough cover my mouth

Cherries and berries and snow in the sky

This is how I remember 

The night of 9/9
True story poem by Lennée Reid 

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DNA Results!


I have seen a lot of people posting their  ancestry DNA results, so I thought I’d share mine, as some of you may still be wondering “what I am”. 

Congratulations you are a complex multidimensional being from another universe! Below are our state of the art findings and in depth analyses of your haplo types.
55% European 

(Irish, Scottish, English, German)

33% Witchcraft 

(Pagan, Voudou, Kitchen, Garden, Chaos)

27% Goddess

(Enheduanna, Oshun, Morrigan, Maat, Durga)

25% Creole (French, Native, African) 

23% Scientist (physics, biology, psychology)

21% Nican Tlaca  (Look it up, bitch)

20% Rei Ki Woo Mojo Juju Mysticism

19% Indigenous  (Choctaw, Cherokee)

16% Odins thunder delivered by the hand of  Wakan Tanka at my ascension for the destruction of Satan at the apocalypse  

(Yes, it says that, bitch) 

15% Gluten Free Vegan Tacos

15% Ascended Immortal Queen 

12% Ghetto (That’s right, bitch!)

10% Anglo Saxon Protestant Bourgeois (Who knows better than to call you lovely people bitches, apologizes profusely, and thanks you for looking up Nican Tlaca… Because you did. *crosses ankles, sips tea, fakes smile*) 

10% Indian Thai Fusion Curry

9% Queer Two Spirit Cis Woman 

      With Bigger Balls Than You!  

7% Power Tools

5% Washington Legal Cannabis 

3% Local Artisanal Kombucha

2% Delta Blues Influenced Gospel 

1% Dominatrix ( I said, that’s right, bitch!)

0.5% Sheer Utter Lunacy
Ancestral commentary by Lennée Reid 

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May Day in Cascadia


May Day in Cascadia 2017

Let me get this straight.  In downtown Olympia less than mile from where we live….

1 The anarchists fucked shit up so…

2 The cops shot rubber bullets at the anarchists and… 

3 The homeless threw bricks at the anarchists but… 

4 The anarchists usually kick nazi ass and…

5 The cops usually think thats funny but also harass the homeless so… 

6 My enemy’s enemy is my what now?

7 But who is on first?

8 Do the homeless get badges but not houses? 

9 The helicopter is still circling.

10 May Day in Cascadia!
Poem by Lennée Reid 

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Dreadlocked Solidarity


I know a white guy who murdered a guy

When he did hard time

His dreadlocks were a sign 

To all the skinheads far and wide 

I’m not a Nazi I’m a killer

Racists better run and hide 

Dreadlocks aren’t misappropriation

On the inside of brutal crime

Prison culture has the final say 

On what is cool and fine 

I see a sign of solidarity 

Wrapped around an open mind

I know my white dude is truth for real

I’ve known that nigga a long time

It should be easy to understand 

Our brothers on the frontline

We could continue to argue the point 

But I really don’t see why

Cause Nazi skinheads 

Don’t wear dreadlocks

And if one does I’d bet that they

Are probably FBI!
Poem by Lennée Reid 

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Protect and serve who


protect and serve police

drag away protesters in wheelchairs 

murder pregnant women in their homes 

murder law abiding government employees arrest lawyers while representing their client shoot shoplifters in the back 

protect the kkk are the kkk are terrorists 

charge you money for driving and speeding 

which isnt a crime don’t pay do time

protect serve abuse extortion blackmail racism  BDSM wonderland American dream 

handcuffs billy club mace

protect and serve who 

not me
Poem by Lennée Reid 

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Silly string and glitter


Murders too close to home

Too many too quickly for sanity

People in our communities 

What safe space? School?  Home?

There is no “self care ” for

This bullshit we are living 

Shower, have lovely tea

Cooked a delicious dinner, eat

Go for a walk with my kid 

Watch people play baseball

Hold back vomit and tears as I sit

Go home, take a bath, relax

Alive but wise enough to

Stop going to Seattle

Stay in Olympia 

Where fascists stand stranded 

In silly string and glitter

Poem by Lennée Reid 

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How Cool of a White Person Are You? 


Ok y’all. Lotsa racial shit happening causing divides. Let’s run with it! Maybe it will help to classify all you wypipo so you know how cool or fucked up you actually are in the eyes of a POC. We need all you cool white folks over here with us in the resistance on the winning side of the revolution. So let’s determine…..
How Cool of a White Person Are You?”
10. Fam. * Although apparently white, Fam has children with a POC or has brought a case of Old E to every BBQ since 1992. Fam gets invited to pow wows and quinceneras. Fam may have spent 90 days at Standing Rock, or did time for selling weed or not snitching. Fam stands up for POC even in all white spaces. Fam would never call the cops, even if you killed someone, because they or a friend have lost a family member to police brutality… I mean unless youre eating people or some wacked out shit… because Fam is beyond cool, they Fam. Fam never sees nothing.

9. Yo thats my boy he cool af. * You’ve known ya boy since Jr high and have never heard them use a racial slur. Ya boy may be closer to you than other POC friends you have. Ya boy owned a lowrider and only plays rap music, R&B, jazz, and Mowtown oldies. Ya boy was a DJ and gets harrased by the cops, even when he’s doing nothing wrong, cause he kinda looks like a Cholo. Ya boy has an ACAB hat and is active in Anti-Fa circles. Ya boy is cool af.

8. Cool. * This is where many white folks fall. You have been to a few marches about social justice issues because you are genuinely outraged about the issues that are terrorizing your six POC friends. You benefit from systems of oppression but are actively trying to dismantle them. Voted for Obama. Doesnt listen to country music and loves Beyonce just as much as Adele does. Carries hot sauce in their bag even though it’s too spicy because they must be in formation. Has no Nazi friends and doesn’t speak to their Nazi family. Actually moved to a cooler area because they belong there. Has Black Lives Matter, Water is Life, RESIST and PRIDE T-shirts that they wear like badges of honor. Owns a Prius because it’s the most efficient way to save the planet, carpool to work, and look cool at protests. Berniecrats. Very cool people.

7. Aight. * Punk rockers, juggaloes, hippies, yoga gurus, Buddhists, Quakers, Redneck Revolt members, Unitarians, vegans, inclusive pagans, basically anyone you are sure “gets it”, won’t hang anyone or burn a cross on anyone’s yard, and won’t call the cops for some fragile bitch ass weak reason like being black in a Starbucks. Has at least 1 cool pro resistence T-shirt or buys them for their kids. Green Party. You know, they aight, cool enough.

6 They aint that cool but they aight “I GUESS” * Loves their privilege and uses their privilege occasionally to help the less fortunate while talking about using their privilege . Has three POC friends that are basically bourgeois white folks. Possibly named Becky or Chad. Smokes weed now that it’s legal. Helps organize pride and has 10 lgbtqia friends. Runs for office. Shockingly punched a drunk Nazi at a bar once that got belligerent and asked for it. The cops of course let them go with a warning. Drove away in a Prius. May call the cops on fucked up people, but not for BBQing, music, or existing while black. Voted for Hillary. Thinks they are an 8. They’re totally not. A little cool and not fucked up in any major life threatening way.
5. Dont know the mf. * Could be cool could be a government plant to get info to undermine the resistance. Don’t smoke weed around them or tell them who broke a window at the Mayday protest because they could snitch. We need more information so check their bumper stickers, ask them their favorite song and who they voted for to determine if they are cool or fucked up. Even if they cool, they not automatically ya boy or nothing. Could end up being fucked up.

4. Not cool but acting chill rn * These people don’t even understand systems of oppression and love having a secure stable job with the same rights everyone has. Believes in the American dream and bootstraps. In denial about race or climate but not belligerent just stupid. Will call the cops to complain about noise because they are oblivious. Tips cows for fun. Has a confederate flag on something somewhere, probably a gift. Talks about their Republican friends and family as if they aren’t Nazis. Good cops. Libertarians. A little fucked up with a 50% chance of becoming woke under the right conditions. All lives matter. Will call the cops so don’t trust them, they are a little fucked up.

3. Red neck not yet classified. * As rednecks are currently 60/40 racist/cool, proceed with caution and have an unblocked exit available at all times. They may have a confederate flag in the back yard or living room but not on their big new white 4×4 with dual American flags. Loves beer and bacon. Doesn’t know what organic or sustainable means. Puts raisins in their potato salad. Definitely has Nazi family members they talk to and a cop in the family. Has likely used a racial slur around wypipo. Don’t initiate eye contact, if they do just nod and walk away. If they’re not fucked up they definitely have associates that are.

2. Punk ass skinhead. * Easy to identify as they are getting their asses kicked by the Anti-Fa. Has a crappy gas guzzling lifted 4×4 black Ford Chevy or Dodge with various swastika stickers and large frayed confederate flags. Likes to hang out at AM/PM so they can have a nice dinner while they fill up the truck. Goes to McDonald’s for dessert. If they were eligible to vote they’d be Republican but since burning churches is a felony they cant. Claims to love America but only says ‘Murica and can’t name the founding fathers and doesn’t know what the bill of rights is because they are so fucked up.
1. Cop sympathizers * Have a nice day officer shoots shoplifters in the back. Blue lives matter. Something about black on black crime. Marijuana is a dangerous drug. Says Gmos will end world hunger. Flat earthers and creationists. Has lots of Wal-Mart, Shell and Halliburton stocks. Very fucked up.
0. Alt-Right Nazis. * Tiki torch bearers, lynching organizers and cross burners, fascists and KKK members, ICE and the Morton county sheriffs dept., good ole boys. Insecure patriarchal colonialist white power enthusiasts that want to Make America Great Again. You know who they voted for, 45, a wall, deportations and more cops. The most destructive angry ignorant fucked up group of all. Fuck those mfs they ain’t cool they fucked up.

Lennée Reid is a geeky veganish ecclectic mystic poet activist QPOC single mom survivor goddess on the spectrum who doesnt like labels. She has appeared in the UPS DIRT! project, Creative Colloquy, Tattoosday, Lost Tower, Works In Progress, and her chapbook “Universal State of Mind”, published by The Girl God. Lennée has featured and slammed across the country, was The Olympia Peoples Mic first WOWPS representative, opened for Pussy Riot, was heard on Paradigms, Tell It Slant, and Wheel of Wonder. Her spoken word album “The Second Coming of Matriarchy” is available at

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