The Night of 9/9


​The night of 9/9
I was flying in my first car 

Chrysler New Yorker 

Close my glovebox done 

Whatever I was messing with 

Is not important anymore


I soared through a fire station 

Commotion bells sirens 

Men sliding down 

Running around halls frantic

I continue flew through a desert 

Devoid of all but a simple trailer

Flew through viewed men in turbans

Watching TV silent from disbelief 

I took off flying right down a strange street

All it had was gas stations 

As far as the eye can see. 

I fly and think this can’t be right. Lies

I bank to the side circled around 

Twice behind the last station 

Fenced in with kennels out back

Four dogs one a pure white Pyrenees 

One with a chow red like flames 

Last kennel with two dogs dead

German shepherd and a Dalmatian 

I flew on and I couldn’t understand why

It was snowing this high in the South 

Orange mesh barricades below

On both sides

My eyes burn

I rise cough cover my mouth

Cherries and berries and snow in the sky

This is how I remember 

The night of 9/9
True story poem by Lennée Reid 

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DNA Results!


I have seen a lot of people posting their  ancestry DNA results, so I thought I’d share mine, as some of you may still be wondering “what I am”. 

Congratulations you are a complex multidimensional being from another universe! Below are our state of the art findings and in depth analyses of your haplo types.
55% European 

(Irish, Scottish, English, German)

33% Witchcraft 

(Pagan, Voudou, Kitchen, Garden, Chaos)

27% Goddess

(Enheduanna, Oshun, Morrigan, Maat, Durga)

25% Creole (French, Native, African) 

23% Scientist (physics, biology, psychology)

21% Nican Tlaca  (Look it up, bitch)

20% Rei Ki Woo Mojo Juju Mysticism

19% Indigenous  (Choctaw, Cherokee)

16% Odins thunder delivered by the hand of  Wakan Tanka at my ascension for the destruction of Satan at the apocalypse  

(Yes, it says that, bitch) 

15% Gluten Free Vegan Tacos

15% Ascended Immortal Queen 

12% Ghetto (That’s right, bitch!)

10% Anglo Saxon Protestant Bourgeois (Who knows better than to call you lovely people bitches, apologizes profusely, and thanks you for looking up Nican Tlaca… Because you did. *crosses ankles, sips tea, fakes smile*) 

10% Indian Thai Fusion Curry

9% Queer Two Spirit Cis Woman 

      With Bigger Balls Than You!  

7% Power Tools

5% Washington Legal Cannabis 

3% Local Artisanal Kombucha

2% Delta Blues Influenced Gospel 

1% Dominatrix ( I said, that’s right, bitch!)

0.5% Sheer Utter Lunacy
Ancestral commentary by Lennée Reid 

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May Day in Cascadia


May Day in Cascadia 2017

Let me get this straight.  In downtown Olympia less than mile from where we live….

1 The anarchists fucked shit up so…

2 The cops shot rubber bullets at the anarchists and… 

3 The homeless threw bricks at the anarchists but… 

4 The anarchists usually kick nazi ass and…

5 The cops usually think thats funny but also harass the homeless so… 

6 My enemy’s enemy is my what now?

7 But who is on first?

8 Do the homeless get badges but not houses? 

9 The helicopter is still circling.

10 May Day in Cascadia!
Poem by Lennée Reid 

Follow her online @lenneereid 

Fuck This! Fuck that too!


Fuck this! Fuck that too! I will not!
 I will not argue with fools about the existence of fucking rape culture. I will not argue with condescending exclusionary idiots about my own fucking marginalization. I will not vote for people who will not affect my many social justice life issues what so fucking ever. I will not march to be treated like a human being, protest people murdered by police in the streets or rally people and inspire them to save the world fuck all that too. I will not speak about injustice, write about my pain, MC shows for the good of humanity, balance chakras, interpret dreams, provide enlightened insight to help assimilate your ascension or any other service for free ever again fuck that immensely. I will not write shit longer than a Facebook post because I haven’t had a computer in fucking months. I will not continue to ask for help when I am clearly and directly asking for help it does nothing so that’d be fucking stupid to continue doing.   I WILL NOT BE NICE TO NAZIS WHICH  WILL BE EASY AS I HAVE NO NAZI FRIENDS OR FAMILY AS I DON’T HAVE THAT FUCKING “PRIVILEGE”. I will not ever be white enough,  I am not black enough,  I am not native enough, I am not enough of anything to belong any where and so fuck trying.  I will not explain, argue, contribute, be present or even attempt acting like I am going to be accepted anywhere fucking ever. I will not beg I am done fucking begging for scraps, I am through networking, waiting for an opportunity or hoping exposure will introduce my talents to someone with money who gives a fuck. I have no solutions I can afford so fuck the lottery for even existing.  I have no more effort or years of patience my well of hope is fucking dry. Fuck all you two faced weak little bitch ass so called social justice warrior hypocrites. I am an expert on being an actual social justice veteran. My queer brown disabled body is a survivor of things that you can’t even imagine, single mom of fulfill our needs and self care in poverty exactly fucking how? My life is war zones and crime scenes and I am a social injustice veteran done fighting for a safe space. Leave that shit for the the social justice hypocrites who apparently can’t hear, see, or pay me to speak about oneness, race, poverty, feminism, the environment, rape, surviving trauma, how to get paid to speak at a college you cant attend, the criminal injustice system, how to not be eligible to live anywhere, what to do when you cant count how many times you’ve been raped, choked, car jacked, robbed and shot at. You know maybe I’m just marketing my skills and expertise to the wrong fucking people. But most likely nobody fucking cares about the social justice veterans dying every fucking day just like they don’t care about American veterans dying every fucking day or water protectors getting sick or refugees we created or what they’re doing to gay people in Chechnya or that Flint is still happening or that they killed another pregnant woman in her home or that orcas are attacking fishing boats to eat or the LNG plant going in right up the road or that the world is fucked up no one cares enough to change it and nothing I can do or say matters or will make a difference but I can’t stop so fuck me too 
Poem by Lennée Reid 

Follow her online @lenneereid 

Dreadlocked Solidarity


I know a white guy who murdered a guy

When he did hard time

His dreadlocks were a sign 

To all the skinheads far and wide 

I’m not a Nazi I’m a killer

Racists better run and hide 

Dreadlocks aren’t misappropriation

On the inside of brutal crime

Prison culture has the final say 

On what is cool and fine 

I see a sign of solidarity 

Wrapped around an open mind

I know my white dude is truth for real

I’ve known that nigga a long time

It should be easy to understand 

Our brothers on the frontline

We could continue to argue the point 

But I really don’t see why

Cause Nazi skinheads 

Don’t wear dreadlocks

And if one does I’d bet that they

Are probably FBI!
Poem by Lennée Reid 

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Protect and serve who


protect and serve police

drag away protesters in wheelchairs 

murder pregnant women in their homes 

murder law abiding government employees arrest lawyers while representing their client shoot shoplifters in the back 

protect the kkk are the kkk are terrorists 

charge you money for driving and speeding 

which isnt a crime don’t pay do time

protect serve abuse extortion blackmail racism  BDSM wonderland American dream 

handcuffs billy club mace

protect and serve who 

not me
Poem by Lennée Reid 

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Silly string and glitter


Murders too close to home

Too many too quickly for sanity

People in our communities 

What safe space? School?  Home?

There is no “self care ” for

This bullshit we are living 

Shower, have lovely tea

Cooked a delicious dinner, eat

Go for a walk with my kid 

Watch people play baseball

Hold back vomit and tears as I sit

Go home, take a bath, relax

Alive but wise enough to

Stop going to Seattle

Stay in Olympia 

Where fascists stand stranded 

In silly string and glitter

Poem by Lennée Reid 

Follow her @lenneereid