Soul Extension 1.0


I closed my eyes and a flash of light

A flaming ring opened my second sight

The words stay calm washed over me

Then I saw that which can never been seen

How do I paint a picture with words

That speaks of things unseen and unheard?

It was in a format I can only relate

With 5 or 6 dimensions the movement of dates

The fabric of time I watched and wondered

Is this from whence cometh my thunder?

Stay calm I obeyed as I soaked it all in

My eyes stayed shut tears could not begin

My ego it wanted to scream and cry

My soul it decided to jump in and fly

This matrix a map of which I am a witness

Starts at infinity runs through all of existence

Two curved horizons above and below

The beads and strings of the fabric did glow

A vortex and galaxies spinning the lines

Worm holes and tauri funneling time

I’m in and around oh I am a star

All in one place both near and far

Nothing is still there is no rest

All flows like water and wind lightly dressed

Mobiles of light strings 

Laden with sub atomic beads

Holograms of illusions the eyes can’t see 

When I’m still and empty and open my mind 

The places I go I dare you to find

I have conquered mountain tops

And crawled valley beds

But breathtaking for me 

Is when black holes bend

Whirpols of time sway and snap like trees

A hurricane raining light years 

Might bring me to my knees

As I lay here in bed in another dimension

When my mind is lost

 I do come back to mention 

No technology can match

Oh there is no invention 

That could possibly out perform

My soul extension
Lennée Reid is a geeky veganish ecclectic mystic poet activist survivor goddess on the spectrum who doesnt like labels. She has appeared in the UPS DIRT! project, Creative Colloquy, Tattoosday, Lost Tower, Works In Progress, SpectrumWomen, and her chapbook “Universal State of Mind”, published by The Girl God. Lennée has featured and slammed across the country, was The Olympia Peoples Mic first WOWPS representative, opened for Pussy Riot, was heard on Paradigms, Tell It Slant, and Wheel of Wonder. Her spoken word  album “The Second Coming of Matriarchy” is available at

Follow her @lenneereid

Lennée Reid is more than a poet.  She is a priestess and prophetess.  One could even say that she is a religion. ~Bob McNeil, writer, spoken word artist and host of the Harlem Book Fair


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