Top 20 Reasons I Love Cascadia

Top 20 Reasons I Love Cascadia

#20 Berries – – Blackberries, raspberries, salmon berries, huckleberries, Spooners strawberries… You thought I was going to say apples didn’t you? Nope, the berries are better.

#19 Farmers markets with flying fish, bakeries that make soul cookies, urban farms with ancient vines, and organic locally made lollipops with zero regrets.

#18 You don’t have to shovel rain. True story.

#17 “It’s in the water” Best tap water this side of the Rockies.

#16 No plastic bags starting July 1st 2014 …you environment destroying single use menaces.

#15 Pow wows – Because thankfully there are many tribes out here that survived the holocaust of colonization historically disguised as manifest destiny.

#14 I have never been called a nigger in Cascadia. At least not to my face. Or any other slur of races I am not actually but resemble enough that I catch their insults in ‘Murica. We are very inclusive and tolerant out here in Cascadia, for the most part. I love that!

#13 Festivals -Cascadia Poetry Festival, The Spring Fairy Festival, Chinese new year celebrations, and PRIDE just to name a few.

#12 Rainbow Valley in the 1990’s. I think I may have taken a trip there once and if I did it was not a bad one.

#11 Decent local economies sprinkled with Boeing, Microsoft, and other global diabolical badassery for good measure such as….

#10 JBLM, Bremerton and Whidbey Naval bases. Just in case TSHTF Washingtonians will be pretty safe while soldiers kick Russian ass and the best drag queens north of San Francisco sing the star spangled banner with fierceness unlike any other.

#9 TESC and Cascadia Now! They are such a cute young couple.
#8 Protests, Rallies, federal judges that uphold the constitution and other political awesomeness.

#7 Seattle Portland and Olympia – Cultural hubs with beautiful backdrops of the forests and mountains are found all over Cascadia.

#6 Canada is a very nice neighbor to the north eh?

#5 Religious tolerance with a heavy dose of eastern influence mixed in with a few hippies, vegans, yoga, witches, hummus and a sitar.

#420 It’s a green region with MMJ, Cannacon and Hempfest or the right to be healthy and happy, as I like to call it.

#3 There are many alternative educational opportunities and community building organizations such as GRuB who work real miracles

#2 No Hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning storms, poisonous snakes or gators. Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t there that you really appreciate.

#1 Sasquatch – She’s actually pretty cool once you get to know her.

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