My Ideal Date


My ideal date will feed me organic free range wild food he gathered, that I didnt cook and wont have to clean up after. This time. He will impress me with his skills and mind. Similar yet different to mine. Will take me places I’ve could never find alone. Treat me better than I do. My perfect date appreciates the environment, and theatre too. Respects all my boundaries through and through. He is mature, picks up my signals, extremely smart, kind, patient and generous. Loves music and art. My ideal date wants some fire in his life. He has a good heart. Is secure and looking for a goddess with a lot of spirit. Maybe even a wife. Wants an intelligent woman who will make a difference in the world with him, build something beautiful, change lives. Pick a date to begin that will last for the rest of time. My ideal date understands me. He pulls half the load. Animals and babies love him cause he should be worshiped and adored. He will plan good surprises I love and have a fun family Olivia and I belong in. My ideal date will be relaxing, feel like home, a breath of magic. Soon. I’m ready. Waiting. My king is just a little late. Wish I knew where to meet my ideal date.