How the Internet Works – A Guide… For the Oblivious.

How the Internet Works: A Guide…. for the Oblivious

If you have been using facewebz for a decade or two now and do not know the following yet, seek professional help or at least get off the net.

Nothing you post on here about your permission will ever make anything you say or upload private or unable to be copied and shared. That’s not how the internet works. If you dont understand this maybe dont use it.

Don’t accept friend requests from people you are already friends with, the Prince of Nigeria, a 4 star general, or internet hoes. Report fake phishing profiles. If you don’t comprehend this maybe dont interwebz.

At no time will you ever have to pay 139.99 to a random company to remove a virus you just got clicking their link so your computer will work. You should already have virus protection. If you don’t, just maybe, stop interwebbing.

For the love of the deity of your choice, don’t forward chain letters. We hated them in the 80s’. They are ridiculous now. Please stop using the net if you dont get this.

My inbox is not your wall. If you’re not speaking to me new words perninent only to me from yourself, stay out of my DMs and please learn to properly use the features. Or just maybe stop using the internet at all.

Stop tagging people in posts they are not in. Mention them in the comments. Again, learn how to use the features or get off the net.

Inviting you to a group is a compliment. Adding you is including you. It takes less clicks to add and or remove you than it does to complain about being added to a group you might like. A friend thought of you. Its not an inconvenience. Don’t be jerk or get off the app.

Blacking out your profile pic has never changed anything yet. When it does, I’ll let you know you can get back on the internet.

Oh dear did you just send me a game request? Well bless your heart. I won’t get it because I know how to block them and use the features correctly. I’m not bothered and you don’t even know.

This post is public. If you think its funny, please share it and the work of other writers and artists. You don’t have to ask permission. That’s not how people go viral or HOW THE INTERNET WORKS.

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