How Rapey is He?

How Rapey Is He?

10 The Vatican or Jeffrey Dahmer. Really who can split hairs on this one? I dont think the Vatican are cannibals, but they have Dahmer beat on sheer numbers. Pedophile. Cannibal. Same same.
9 Ted Bundy. Remember how many people said how nice he was?
8 “Man camps” Ok not all man…. Yes every man camp! #MMIW
7 Bill Cosby…and now jello is ruined.
6 Kavanaugh. Thomas. Most judges apparently? Definitely a pattern.
5 Name a random college fraternity. Yep probably that one.
4 Half the NFL… Likely the half that doesnt kneel.
3 Creepy uncle aka R. Kelly, mail order bride customers, other legal nonsense like war rape and underage child bride perversion.
2 “Mans man” , “one of the boys”, ass grabbers, that pervert preacher that groped Ariana Grandes side boob at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. You know average tacky yet somehow socially acceptable pervs that need a lesson in manners and consent.
1 “Great guys”, Rapeublicans, anyone who thinks they are entitled to anything physical from anyone ever and just can’t seem to respect basic physical or emotional boundaries.
0 Asks for and receives consent from sober individuals of age every time even from their life partner. Zero rapey. Also does not drug, kidnap, kill or eat people aside from not raping them. You’d think that’d be an obvious no no to people, or that law enforcement would be on this, but apparently not. How is this list even ironic or funny? What is wrong with the world?! #metoo

If you read this far and have a suggestion for an addition, add it in the comments.

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