The Queens Schedule

The Queens Schedule

spit cyphers for oneness and unity on intersections in protest of injustice in our town

poetry in the capitol building rotunda

recite eloquently in the longhouse

sacred ritual in the sweat lodge

provide poetics at every indigenous people’s day

wax poetic on street corners during rallies about loving olympia and our country

co-found and book a weekly diverse inclusive performance show

speak about oneness and feminism on may day at sylvester park surrounded by most of olympias finest at every corner wave to them and thank them for being pretty cool

poetry with kids in schools

perform poetry about oneness race surviving and feminism in as many states as possible

recite poems at the capitol during the biggest global march in history

poetry and diversity at witches march

release two books one spoken word album

speak at local political candidates fundraiser

poetry at the house your house in the woods about the woods as spells

buried in the allies of olympia are the sorrows of olympia street kids
spells leaving their darkness behind we buried and walked away from poems written by the sage lady

the port rally

equality march

immigrants march

common bread

open for pussy riot

singing bowl concert

since way before there was an olympia poet laurate random people address me as the poet laureate

i smile and curtsey like a queen say thank you but im not actually

modern relevant people can read outside the lines the boxes of preconceived notions of publicly approved poetry activist art oneness revolution and such

with true modern historical references political and spiritual

freestyle words drip off tongue at house parties and festivals graduations non profits

i am poetry
im the queen
we are one

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