13 reasons why I’m crazy

13 Reasons Why I’m Crazy.

#13 Hexes and curses. Real ones.

#12 Havent been shagged right in the last 13 years. Never talk about my ex but he did that right.

#11 Head injuires, unmentionable traumas, out of body and near death experiences from 2 high speed car accidents.

#10 Know why I interpret dreams to this day? Lucid premonition dream of 9/11 two days before it happened. That’s crazy. I know.

#9 Crazy don’t fall far from the crazy tree.

#8 Synesthesia mirror empathy shamanism telepathy ascension insanity awareni same same

#7 Almost everyone is dumb as rocks. Billions and billions of imbeciles. This makes me sad and lonely like Sheldon Cooper because I was also a child genius. Crazy. I know.

#6 Looking like and participating in every culture when Idk what I am is exhausting.

#5 My mother voted for 45. That fact makes me nauseous and nuts at least weekly.

#4 Discrimination. Almost every kind of it.

#3 I will have a teenage daughter soon. Shes great. Still makes me crazy to raise her alone.

#2. All the trash people that raped me but I cant say who or I’ll get fb banned again. That’s 2 for 1 reasons!

#1 You wouldn’t understand. That’s really the only reason.

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