Lennée Reid is a geeky, veganish ecclectic, mystic, poet, healer, activist, single mom, Creole and Choctaw, goddess on the spectrum, who doesn’t like labels. She is trying to make sense of it all and find peace. She speaks about universal spirituality and a plethora social justice issues including race, feminism, politics, and the environment. Lennée is published in; I Hear Olympia Singing, Farm to Table, The UPS Dirt! Project, Confluence Daily, Creative Colloquy, The Bus Stop Project, Tattoosday, Lost Tower, Panegyria, Works In Progress, Spectrum Women, Strangefoot, and her chapbooks “Universal State of Mind” and “Qi Woo Mojo Juju” both published by The Girl God. Lennée is Olympias 2018 Poetry Grand Slam champion and was Olympias first Women of The World Poetry Slam rep in 2016. She has slammed across the country, been in a commercial, and performed for diverse crowds at places like: The Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium, Women’s March, The Artery, Seattle Center for Spiritual Living, Panorama City, The Rachel Corrie Foundation, Rain City Slam, Seattle Poetry Slam, Olympia people’s Mic, Cafe Zippy, Black Lab, St Louis Poetry Slam, Portland Poetry Slam, Des Moines Poetry Slam, Columbia Theatre, GRuB, Indigenous People’s Day, Eugene Poetry Slam, and innumerable marches and rallies. She has facilitated workshops at NOVA H.S., Safe place, Seabeck, and the Women’s Autism Conference, opened for Pussy Riot, was heard on Paradigms, Tell It Slant, and Wheel of Wonder.

Her spoken word poetry album “The Second Coming of Matriarchy” is available at lenneereid.bandcamp.com

Follow her @lenneereid and her blog asliceofmysticpi at mamamystic.wordpress.com


“That was like a crystal dropped in pure water that went fractal.” ~ Dr. Jean Houston, co-founder of the human potential movement and author of 30+ books – after a live performance of Soul Extension 1.0

I have known Lennée for some time now and am always in awe of her strength of spirit and authentic presence. I had the privledge of attending her outstanding poetry recitals and soothing, guided meditations, and was moved by both. Lennee’s voice is grounding and filled with healing-love. I have recommend her for events, particluarly for women gatherings focused on seeking connection and greater self-awareness.” ~ Samantha Craft, author and blogger of Everyday Aspergers

“Lennée Reid is more than a poet. She is a priestess and prophetess. One could even say that she is a religion.” ~Bob McNeil, writer, spoken word artist and host of the Harlem Book Fair

-Today marks the first morning in ten years and seven months where I woke up completely pain free! Even the heart and spirit aches I’ve gotten accustomed to feeling weren’t there. The weight of anxiety and terror is off my chest. I even took an early morning walk in the woods and no pains or twinges or knots or spasms or nerves acting up anywhere in my body. I feel hopeful and inspired about the world in ways I don’t think I’ve been able to for two, five, eight, ten, thirty years or more! This is truly a new day dawning in my world!

I owe it all to the gifted workings and knowledge of this true practitioner of the ancient art of healing. I’m blessed to have been given that time, space, and support to heal some very very old persynal as well as intergenerational hurts. Truly our medicine keepers are lifelines! So grateful for knowing this one! Deepest and profoundest gratitude to you and all your ancestors and spirits that surround you for this enormous gift. Words fail to express how profoundly changed I feel, I am(!!) this morning. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

If anyone wants to connect with this medicine persyn for your own healing session, I felt in the moment of highest healing yesterday, surrounded by pure indigo into white light I drew every one in to forgiveness all who have ever done me harm. For we all deserve a moment of pure goodness and wholeness and healing and wellness in this life. Thanks for sharing in mine.


I had the honor and privilege to spend Solstice morning/afternoon with the radiant, brilliant, witchy, mystical, Goddess that is Lennée Reid. I had asked her to come to do a house reading/clearing which “happened” to fall on Solstice. No coincidences here.

Can I just pause here to say.. DAMN!! This woman is incredible. If you haven’t already – I’d highly recommend working with her! House clearings/readings, one on one, hire her to speak at your gatherings, classes, women’s groups, etc.

We’ve crossed paths a few times in the last year and I was a bit star struck when she came to do a Full Moon concert at my home a few months back, but we’d never official spent personal time together, nor did we know much about one another’s personal lives, let alone did I know all the wealth of wisdom, gifts, talents and knowledge she holds beyond spoken word poetry and her activism in our community.

So she comes sweeping into my home yesterday looking beautiful as ever, sets down her basket of medicine and immediately taps into the space. The next hour was a wave of shifting energy, questions, answers, tears, release, opening, shifting, dancing, singing, sound, stillness, setting intentions, boundaries and immense healing not only for me personally but this beautiful home and land which I am currently fostering. I’m in awe of her unapologetic, piercing truth and authenticity of being. The humanness and the divinity. Pure earth magic.

I bow to you deeply in thankfulness dear Lennée – you’ve truly touched my heart and being with this experience. My home feels open, clear and ready to receive the joy, beauty, blessings, abundance, love and community that is to come in this next chapter, however it may unfold. 🌟🦋

Thank you. 💗 I fully lay to rest the past and open my heart fully to what is to come. And so it is.🌟


She reminds us of Mathew Arnold’s statement that “More and more mankind will discover that we have to turn to poetry to interpret life for us, to console us, to sustain us. Without poetry our science will appear incomplete, and most of what now passes for religion and philosophy will be replaced by poetry.” ~ Larry Kerschner, author of Grave Lines

“In her new book Universal State of Mind, Lennée Reid welcomes all into the Temple of Poetry to shout Truth from the roof tops.

Her poetry hints at that state of goddess consciousness that is beyond the day to day awareness of most of humanity.”

~Larry Kershner, author of Grave Lines

I highly recommend Lennee for bodywork and or intuitive therapy. My session with her was fantastic!! We started off by drink an herbal and flower concoction tea that she both collected and blended . It was an excellent start to the session. We discussed my current state and what I was looking forward to during our teatime. After that we moved into the bodywork which felt absolutely amazing. I can tell that Lennee was pulling blockages both energetically and physically out of my body. Her intuition is on point! I left our session feeling so light and filled with ease. This feeling lingered for a week. I can’t recommend her services enough. She has a pure , open and positive output, perfect for energy and healing work .

-Morr Solomon

~I’m a sceptic I always will be. I recently got the gift of knowing this amazing woman. I didn’t really go looking for her she was just present when I needed her. I have come to know so much about myself as of late. I am currently in the best state I have ever been. No one can make you a better person but yourself. However, Lennee was there to guide me in my self discovery. I needed her to reach myself. She is such a comforting person, so wise and skilled. I have made a life long friend in her. She has been a large part in making my life whole once more and I am forever grateful.

The body work was unlike anything I’ve experienced. It melted away my stress and anxiety. I could see bright vibrant colors and feel waves of energy cleansing my body. Upon completion all aches had vanished and could barely stand. I felt physically drunk as if I had to find my body again. ~ Brandon Thompson

Lennee strings words together like pearls of wisdom sliding by with lightning speed. I gasp at the bombshells breaking open my mind and the love explosions in my heart. Her poetry morphs into feathers tickling me to laughter, then a sword slicing me wide open. If you want people addicted to truth, lapping up delicious challenges and growing tall and strong from the nourishment, ask Lennee to share her spoken feast at your conference.

~Keely Meagan, activist and trainer

Ms Reid with her poetry expresses life as she sees it. The interaction with people, her philosophy of the beauty of the mind, body, and soul. In the third person, we, she expresses what she believes to be what’s real.

We each walk our own path either up a mountain, or into a religion, or who we may be. She also expresses that we should all meet our friends with our open heart.

I love how she expresses her environment in the Pacific North West. Her love of Berries, also organic produce which has soul. The freshest water and the existence of standing up for what we believe. Equality is a big truth we need to realize. The oneness of our world is important to everyone.

In summary, I believe this is the most powerful book on poetry you will read! Enjoy!

Steven Londe

Lennée Reids poetry and public presentation are clever, witty, wise, joyful and biting all at the same time. #womensmarch2019

Keoki Kauanoe

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