Lennée Reid is a geeky veganish ecclectic mystic poet activist single mom survivor goddess on the spectrum who doesn’t like labels. She is trying to make sense of it all and find peace. Lennée is the lead organizer of Olympia Witches March for religious freedom and unity, put on by The Coven of The Flower of Life, an eclectic meta coven that seeks people from all paths for for the purpose of rising consciousness and healing through shared meditative practices and creative arts. She speaks about all kinds of social justice issues including race, feminism, poverty, being a survivor and the environment. Lennée is published in; Farm to Table, The UPS Dirt! Project, Creative Colloquy, The Bus Stop Project, Tattoosday, Lost Tower, Panegyria, Works In Progress, Spectrum Women, Strangefoot, and her chapbook “Universal State of Mind”, by The Girl God. Her next book “Qi Woo Mojo Juju”, is forthcoming. Lennée has slammed across the country and performed for diverse crowds at places like: The Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium, Women’s March, Seattle Center for Spiritual Living, Panorama City, The Rachel Corrie Foundation, Rain City Slam, Seattle Poetry Slam, Olympia people’s Mic, Cafe Zippy, Black Lab, St Louis Poetry Slam, Portland Poetry Slam, Des Moines Poetry Slam, Columbia Theatre, GRuB, Indigenous People’s Day, Eugene Poetry Slam, and many marches and rallies. She has facilitated guided meditation at NOVA H.S., Safe place, and the Women’s Autism Conference, was The Olympia Peoples Mic first WOWPS representative, opened for Pussy Riot, was heard on Paradigms, Tell It Slant, and Wheel of Wonder.

Her spoken word poetry album “The Second Coming of Matriarchy” is available at lenneereid.bandcamp.com

Follow her @lenneereid and her blog mamamystic.wordpress.com

Contact at witchesmarch@gmail.com


“That was like a crystal dropped in pure water that went fractal.” ~ Dr. Jean Houston, co-founder of the human potential movement and author of 30+ books – after a live performance of Soul Extension 1.0

I have known Lennée for some time now and am always in awe of her strength of spirit and authentic presence. I had the privledge of attending her outstanding poetry recitals and soothing, guided meditations, and was moved by both. Lennee’s voice is grounding and filled with healing-love. I have recommend her for events, particluarly for women gatherings focused on seeking connection and greater self-awareness.” ~ Samantha Craft, author and blogger of Everyday Aspergers

“Lennée Reid is more than a poet. She is a priestess and prophetess. One could even say that she is a religion.” ~Bob McNeil, writer, spoken word artist and host of the Harlem Book Fair

She reminds us of Mathew Arnold’s statement that “More and more mankind will discover that we have to turn to poetry to interpret life for us, to console us, to sustain us. Without poetry our science will appear incomplete, and most of what now passes for religion and philosophy will be replaced by poetry.” ~ Larry Kerschner, author of Grave Lines

“In her new book Universal State of Mind, Lennée Reid welcomes all into the Temple of Poetry to shout Truth from the roof tops.
Her poetry hints at that state of goddess consciousness that is beyond the day to day awareness of most of humanity.”
~Larry Kershner, author of Grave Lines

~I’m a sceptic I always will be. I recently got the gift of knowing this amazing woman. I didn’t really go looking for her she was just present when I needed her. I have come to know so much about myself as of late. I am currently in the best state I have ever been. No one can make you a better person but yourself. However, Lennee was there to guide me in my self discovery. I needed her to reach myself. She is such a comforting person, so wise and skilled. I have made a life long friend in her. She has been a large part in making my life whole once more and I am forever grateful.

The body work was unlike anything I’ve experienced. It melted away my stress and anxiety. I could see bright vibrant colors and feel waves of energy cleansing my body. Upon completion all aches had vanished and could barely stand. I felt physically drunk as if I had to find my body again. ~ Brandon Thompson

Lennee strings words together like pearls of wisdom sliding by with lightning speed. I gasp at the bombshells breaking open my mind and the love explosions in my heart. Her poetry morphs into feathers tickling me to laughter, then a sword slicing me wide open. If you want people addicted to truth, lapping up delicious challenges and growing tall and strong from the nourishment, ask Lennee to share her spoken feast at your conference.
~Keely Meagan, activist and trainer


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