“Uno” Spanish poetry

Uno No necesitamos 10 mandamientos Sólo esta verdad No hay divisiones somos uno Una mente un cuerpo de una sola alma Una vida de un planeta sólo uno Así que este es mi súplica Este es mi grito Si usted no entiende que no puedo decir por qué Es el suelo bajo mis pies Y … Continue reading “Uno” Spanish poetry


Hollow bone, holy grail

Clean slate, clear channel is the same as the Hollow Bone Lakota term. The concept of Hollow Bone is found in native and indigenous teachings. Energy work such as reiki has the practitioner work from the position of neutral observer is employing the same techniques. We are but conduits of the flow of energy, information … Continue reading Hollow bone, holy grail


One We do not need 10 commandmentsJust this one truthThere are no divisions we are oneOne mind one body one soulOne life one planet just one So this is my plea this is my cryIf you do not understand I cannot tell you whyIt is the ground under my feetAnd my eye in the skies I am one When … Continue reading One