Hollow bone, holy grail



Clean slate, clear channel is the same as the Hollow Bone Lakota term. The concept of Hollow Bone is found in native and indigenous teachings. Energy work such as reiki has the practitioner work from the position of neutral observer is employing the same techniques. We are but conduits of the flow of energy, information or Spirit coming through us for another person. In Native American teachings the concept of the hollow bone refers to the structure of birds’ bones, their feathers being hollow allowing birds to take flight. Birds are divine messengers and hold the answers we seek. The process of knowing oneself, one’s beliefs, biases, and perceptions allows the healer to move ego and conscious mind out of the way creating that clear channel. We are to be neutral as the Hollow Bone. We channel Spirit not power. We are the empty valley that holds the river. When I guide with hollow bone medicine I only have the intention of being present and responding as directed by Spirit. Energy is neutral power is not.The highly respected late Native American Frank Fools Crow taught that you must become like a hollow bone to be effective. “We are called to become hollow bones for our people, and anyone else we can help, and we are not supposed to seek power for our personal use and honour. What we bones really become is the pipeline that connects Wakan Tanka, the Helpers and the community together.” This is how the emptiness gets filled with energy as we heal ourselves and others.
It is the holy grail, cup and dagger, yin and yang. To become an empty vessel that Wakan Tanka, God, consciousness, and ultimately our own inherent divinity can fill. The same concept is present in many faiths. It is destination all paths lead to. The holy grail. Emptiness. Hollow bone.







We do not need 10 commandments

Just this one truth

There are no divisions we are one

One mind one body one soul

One life one planet just one


So this is my plea this is my cry

If you do not understand I cannot tell you why

It is the ground under my feet

And my eye in the skies


I am one


When you see your brothers and sisters and say

Hey, how ya doing? Are you good?

Remember we are one

We all need something


Like the truth in the center

Of all the spokes in a wheel

Surrounded in hope and love

I honestly see we are one


Black white brown yellow and red

Gay straight queer square

We are all eating from the same plate

And sleeping in one bed

When we think of each other instead of fear

Accept each other as one


When you see a sick puppy

Or a wolf pack on the attack why stay back?

Can’t you see we are in one condition

And behave as one?


Look at us and yourself in the mirror

Because everything is one


Now who said let there be no divisions among us?

There are none here with one

There are no fences cells prisons or walls

They are all a dream an illusion we are one


I am one


You are one person with one perspective

Born with one will and one tongue

At one time from one mother

Just one


If you seek the truth then you are one

If we’d all love our enemies…

Well I’d guess there would be none!

Are you one?


There are no enemies in one

One mind body soul life planet just one


We are one the Christian Muslim Jew

Animist Humanist Atheist Hindu

Wiccan Pagan the Zen Buddhists too

The agnostics are ahead of me here

You all knew …. there might be one


And here it is because we are one

Seeking wisdom truth and honesty

Understanding acceptance and forgiveness

Praying meditating and debating


Who has the best answer?

How to attain nirvana?

Will I be accepted in heaven?


Are we really separated by love people?

What are we arguing about?

Whatever it is the answer is we are one


Like one truth in the center

Of all the spokes in a wheel

Surrounded in hope and love

I honestly believe that we are one


Preacher and sinner one

Cops robbers judges prisoners one

Dealers addicts Bloods Crips hoes and pimps


Soldiers generals president pope one

Kings queens and refugees


One life love hope dream and one fear

The past the present the future

Right here and now is one


The oppressors and the oppressed one

The rich and the homeless one

In the ghetto the mansion the igloo the shack

The tee pee the longhouse

Wherever ONE is at


I am my temple our temple is we

Let us be at home as one just like


One truth in the center

Of all the spokes in a wheel

Surrounded in hope and love

I honestly believe the truth is

We all are this