Dear everyone driving in Cascadia



Dear everyone driving in Cascadia.  There is a sacred driving formula that you will need to drive without road rage, anxiety,  or wasting your gas and time.  It is the pulse of I5, the heartbeat of Seattle and Portland.  There are between 4-6 hours a day that you can’t drive I5 or in Seattle proper for that matter. Well you could but it’s a parking lot .  Have to go before or after, unless you enjoy bicycles and foot traffic passing you by.  There is a gas/time/distance formula for optimal cost,  time spent on the road idling wasting gas for how long and when you have to be where. 

Now granted, the formula means you don’t go into the city between 8 – 10 am and you don’t leave between 4-6 pm.  Also if you have to be in Seattle on say, new years eve,  you leave at 8p the day before. 

The pulse goes into the city in the morning and out a night.  How I love driving North into the city at night from Olympia with rush hour on the other side. 

Now Portland needs at least two new bridges.  One on either side the only current I5 crossing.  At rush hour there is a web of parking lot on every road highway and off ramp as far as the eyes can see.  It’s a waste of time and money running your car. So pull over and enjoy Majestic Cascadia.  Check out our delicious local artisan crafted everything, and spend time relaxing in our breathtaking parks.

So plan ahead,  go before,  go after just know when to drive I5.