Temple of Cannabis



welcome to the temple of cannabis home of initiates in the sacred arts of roll it up smoke it and puff puff give our most devout will… Wait.. What was I saying? 🙂  we place the dab on a pedestal kneel to the grow in all its forms open high times read prayers of warriors here we are blessed with a purple haze that brightens dark days mother mary jane keeps us sane heals our pains thorns pulled from the side of  those who prophesied a green age our saints are persecuted discriminated all races Marley Herrer Montel Cheech and Chong  Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg get along over a bong in this temple we resurrect revolution ending prohibition healing our mission we are blessed by our sacred mother of happiness and industry who dances through legislation on clouds that convert minds to open so listen converse with growers patients activists be sure they have what you need and above all don’t just smoke it real champions eat their weedies!

Lennée Reid


Wandering dark house



If you happened upon this house on an off trail hike, what would you do? Run or go inside? Something else? Knowing how people are, this can go three ways.

Wandering Dark House

#1- During a long hike, wandering off trail, I stumble across a seemingly long abandoned house. Looks like only nature is in possession of the grounds, so I’m going in! …Begin digging around…. Find a cool ancient rusty thimble. Pocket it. Suddenly I get scared by the spiders, raccoons n crows whose home I just barged into. Cobwebs and feathers bombard me. My eyes burn, I sneeze uncontrollably, and I run out screaming!…. Aaaaand trip on that root ….aaaaand bloody my forehead…..aaaand Get stung by a bee. Pull myself up with a branch wipe off the blood from my face. Aaaand that branch was wrapped in…..poison ivy! Aaaaaand now my eyes are swelling shut. Beautiful. I better leave that thimble. That house is possessed! Guarded by a thimble god and has booby traps. Don’t go in go away. Touch nothing and stay out. You’ll wish you had without a doubt.

#2 – During a long hike I stumbled across a seemingly long abandoned building. Peering through a window it revealed crumbling mosaics of a formerly sacred structure. One rabbit hops through inside jumps on a pew stops and looks at me. Almost as if waiting for me to speak. It continues back in to the shadows. A raccoon family comes through does nearly the same. I scratch my head and continue. Looking, searching, peeking about and touching nothing with respect or fear of disturbing the sacred. Who knows? Some things seem best left alone. Like those honeybees gathering nectar. Going here and there through cracks in the front door hanging by rust dust cobwebs and time. I follow them just to the door, confident they see no harm in me. Peeking through, I see light dancing on a statue of Mary joined by crow on her bowed head. Cobwebs strung between her hands she seems almost feral. Satisfied with what I’ve seen I continue on my walk in quiet and solitude, except for the occasional owl hoot and butterflies. I walk home to tell my family of a place so sacred, only Mary and the animals reside. I return with them and say “Be quiet respectful and do not touch. This place is sacred on the inside. Look and listen it will give you much. Take nothing and leave no trace behind.”

#3 – During a long hike, wandering off trail, I hope mother Gaia will answer my prayers to belong to a hidden sisterhood. I stumble upon a seemingly long abandoned house. Looks like faeries or a witch could live there so I’m going in! First, I knock a musical knock, sing hello and enter. I give the rabbit that hops up some clover, plantain and dandelion from my knapsack. I say “Gifts from our Gaia, gifts to you.” Immediately three more rabbits appear. All the same fluffy tan. Each with different ears. They approach and stop, as if waiting for me. I reach in my knapsack and feed the three. Immediately all four completely transformed. They say “You’re fearless, kind, generous and warm. This temple of Gaia has your reward.” The roots transform trees stand up and bloom. The witches say “Welcome home sister mother queen. Here is your room. Say and do what you please. The honey here is heavenly. You’ll learn to love the bees” The further that I enter with each step I ascend. Animals chatter and banter, transform into friends. So ever if you’re wandering and a dark house is what you find. Play a musical knock and sing hello. Who knows what you might find. Beware only of the threads of the mind.

Now wander, and be found.


Lennée Reid is a geeky Unitarian vegan witch poet activist survivor who is trying to make sense of it all and find peace. She performs throughout Cascadia and recently placed 4th in The Olympia Peoples Mic Poetry Grand Slam. Lennée likes organic vegan fair trade anything, road trips and karaoke.

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Eka Hindu poetry



हम 10 कमांडेंट्स की जरूरत नहीं है

बस इस एक सच्चाई

हम एक हैं कोई मतभेद हैं

एक मन एक शरीर एक आत्मा

एक जीवन एक ग्रह सिर्फ एक

तो यह मेरी दलील यह मेरा रोना है

आप समझ में नहीं आता, तो मैं आपको बता क्यों नहीं कर सकते

यह मेरे पैरों के नीचे जमीन है

आसमान में और मेरी आँख

मेरे साथ कोई नहीं है

आप अपने भाइयों और बहनों को देखते हैं और कहते हैं

अरे, फिर कैसे कर रही है? क्या आप ठीक हैं?

हम एक हैं याद रखें

हम सब कुछ की जरूरत है

केंद्र में सच्चाई की तरह

एक पहिया में सभी सेल की

आशा और प्रेम में घिरा

मैं ईमानदारी से हम एक हैं देखते हैं

काले सफेद भूरे रंग पीला और लाल

समलैंगिक सीधे समलैंगिक वर्ग

हम सब एक ही थाली से खा रहे हैं

और एक बिस्तर में सो रही है

हम डर के बजाय एक-दूसरे के बारे में सोचना

एक के रूप में एक दूसरे को स्वीकार करें

आप एक बीमार पिल्ला देखते हैं

या हमले पर एक भेड़िया पैक क्यों पीछे रहो?

आप हम एक स्थिति में हैं देख नहीं सकते

और एक के रूप में व्यवहार करते हैं?

दर्पण में हमें देखो और अपने आप को

सब कुछ एक है क्योंकि

अब हमारे बीच कोई डिवीजनों हो वहाँ जाने किसने कहा?

कोई भी एक साथ यहाँ कर रहे हैं

कोई बाड़ कोशिकाओं जेलों या दीवारों कर रहे हैं

उन्होंने कहा कि हम एक हैं एक भ्रम सब एक सपने हैं

मेरे साथ कोई नहीं है

आप एक परिप्रेक्ष्य के साथ एक व्यक्ति रहे हैं

एक और एक जीभ के साथ जन्मे

एक माँ से एक समय

सिर्फ एक

आप तो सच की तलाश है तो आप एक हैं

हम चाहते हैं कि हमारे सभी दुश्मनों को प्यार करता हूँ …

वैसे मैं वहाँ कोई नहीं होगा लगता था!

क्या आप एक हैं?

एक में कोई दुश्मन हैं

एक मन शरीर आत्मा जीवन ग्रह सिर्फ एक

हम एक ईसाई मुस्लिम कंजूस हैं

Animist मानवतावादी नास्तिक हिंदू

Wiccan बुतपरस्त ज़ेन बौद्ध भी

अज्ञेयवादी यहां मुझसे आगे हैं

आप सभी को पता था कि …। एक हो सकता है

हम एक हैं और क्योंकि यह यहाँ है

ज्ञान सच्चाई और ईमानदारी की मांग

समझौता स्वीकृति और क्षमा

ध्यान प्रार्थना और बहस

कौन सबसे अच्छा जवाब है?

कैसे निर्वाण प्राप्त करने के लिए?

मैं स्वर्ग में स्वीकार किया जाएगा?

हम वास्तव में प्यार लोगों से अलग होती है?

हम क्या बारे में बहस कर रहे हैं?

यह हम एक हैं जवाब है जो कुछ भी

केंद्र में एक सच पसंद

एक पहिया में सभी सेल की

आशा और प्रेम में घिरा

मैं ईमानदारी से हम एक हैं का मानना ​​है कि

उपदेशक और पापी एक

पुलिस लुटेरे न्यायाधीशों कैदियों को एक

व्यापारियों खून Crips hoes और दलाल नशेड़ी


सैनिकों जनरलों राष्ट्रपति पोप एक

राजा रानी और शरणार्थियों

एक जीवन प्यार आशा सपना है और एक डर

अतीत वर्तमान भविष्य

यहाँ और अब एक है

उत्पीड़कों और शोषितों एक

अमीर और बेघर एक

यहूदी बस्ती हवेली इग्लू झोंपड़ी में

longhouse पेशाब टी

जहाँ भी वन पर है

मैं हमारे मंदिर हम है मेरे मंदिर हूँ

एक बस की तरह के रूप में हमारे घर पर होने दो

केंद्र में एक सच्चाई

एक पहिया में सभी सेल की

आशा और प्रेम में घिरा

मैं ईमानदारी से सच्चाई का मानना ​​है कि

हम सभी को इस कर रहे हैं



Hama 10 kamāṇḍēṇṭsa kī jarūrata nahīṁ hai

Basa isa ēka saccā’ī

Hama ēka haiṁ kō’ī matabhēda haiṁ

Ēka mana ēka śarīra ēka ātmā

Ēka jīvana ēka graha sirpha ēka

Tō yaha mērī dalīla yaha mērā rōnā hai

Āpa samajha mēṁ nahīṁ ātā, tō maiṁ āpakō batā kyōṁ nahīṁ kara sakatē

Yaha mērē pairōṁ kē nīcē jamīna hai

Āsamāna mēṁ aura mērī ām̐kha

Mērē sātha kō’ī nahīṁ hai

Āpa apanē bhā’iyōṁ aura bahanōṁ kō dēkhatē haiṁ aura kahatē haiṁ

Arē, phira kaisē kara rahī hai? Kyā āpa ṭhīka haiṁ?

Hama ēka haiṁ yāda rakhēṁ

Hama saba kucha kī jarūrata hai

Kēndra mēṁ saccā’ī kī taraha

Ēka pahiyā mēṁ sabhī sēla kī

Āśā aura prēma mēṁ ghirā

Maiṁ īmānadārī sē hama ēka haiṁ dēkhatē haiṁ

Kālē saphēda bhūrē raṅga pīlā aura lāla

Samalaiṅgika sīdhē samalaiṅgika varga

Hama saba ēka hī thālī sē khā rahē haiṁ

Aura ēka bistara mēṁ sō rahī hai

Hama ḍara kē bajāya ēka-dūsarē kē bārē mēṁ sōcanā

Ēka kē rūpa mēṁ ēka dūsarē kō svīkāra karēṁ

Āpa ēka bīmāra pillā dēkhatē haiṁ

Yā hamalē para ēka bhēṛiyā paika kyōṁ pīchē rahō?

Āpa hama ēka sthiti mēṁ haiṁ dēkha nahīṁ sakatē

Aura ēka kē rūpa mēṁ vyavahāra karatē haiṁ?

Darpaṇa mēṁ hamēṁ dēkhō aura apanē āpa kō

Saba kucha ēka hai kyōṅki

Aba hamārē bīca kō’ī ḍivījanōṁ hō vahām̐ jānē kisanē kahā?

Kō’ī bhī ēka sātha yahām̐ kara rahē haiṁ

Kō’ī bāṛa kōśikā’ōṁ jēlōṁ yā dīvārōṁ kara rahē haiṁ

Unhōnnē kahā ki hama ēka haiṁ ēka bhrama saba ēka sapanē haiṁ

Mērē sātha kō’ī nahīṁ hai

Āpa ēka pariprēkṣya kē sātha ēka vyakti rahē haiṁ

Ēka aura ēka jībha kē sātha janmē

Ēka mām̐ sē ēka samaya

Sirpha ēka

Āpa tō saca kī talāśa hai tō āpa ēka haiṁ

Hama cāhatē haiṁ ki hamārē sabhī duśmanōṁ kō pyāra karatā hūm̐ …

Vaisē maiṁ vahām̐ kō’ī nahīṁ hōgā lagatā thā!

Kyā āpa ēka haiṁ?

Ēka mēṁ kō’ī duśmana haiṁ

Ēka mana śarīra ātmā jīvana graha sirpha ēka

Hama ēka īsā’ī muslima kan̄jūsa haiṁ

Animist mānavatāvādī nāstika hindū

Wiccan butaparasta zēna baud’dha bhī

Ajñēyavādī yahāṁ mujhasē āgē haiṁ

Āpa sabhī kō patā thā ki…. Ēka hō sakatā hai

Hama ēka haiṁ aura kyōṅki yaha yahām̐ hai

Jñāna saccā’ī aura īmānadārī kī māṅga

Samajhautā svīkr̥ti aura kṣamā

Dhyāna prārthanā aura bahasa

Kauna sabasē acchā javāba hai?

Kaisē nirvāṇa prāpta karanē kē li’ē?

Maiṁ svarga mēṁ svīkāra kiyā jā’ēgā?

Hama vāstava mēṁ pyāra lōgōṁ sē alaga hōtī hai?

Hama kyā bārē mēṁ bahasa kara rahē haiṁ?

Yaha hama ēka haiṁ javāba hai jō kucha bhī

Kēndra mēṁ ēka saca pasanda

Ēka pahiyā mēṁ sabhī sēla kī

Āśā aura prēma mēṁ ghirā

Maiṁ īmānadārī sē hama ēka haiṁ kā mānanā ​​hai ki

Upadēśaka aura pāpī ēka

Pulisa luṭērē n’yāyādhīśōṁ kaidiyōṁ kō ēka

Vyāpāriyōṁ khūna Crips hoes aura dalāla naśēṛī


Sainikōṁ janaralōṁ rāṣṭrapati pōpa ēka

Rājā rānī aura śaraṇārthiyōṁ

Ēka jīvana pyāra āśā sapanā hai aura ēka ḍara

Atīta vartamāna bhaviṣya

Yahām̐ aura aba ēka hai

Utpīṛakōṁ aura śōṣitōṁ ēka

Amīra aura bēghara ēka

Yahūdī bastī havēlī iglū jhōmpaṛī mēṁ

Longhouse pēśāba ṭī

Jahām̐ bhī vana para hai

Maiṁ hamārē mandira hama hai mērē mandira hūm̐

Ēka basa kī taraha kē rūpa mēṁ hamārē ghara para hōnē dō

Kēndra mēṁ ēka saccā’ī

Ēka pahiyā mēṁ sabhī sēla kī

Āśā aura prēma mēṁ ghirā

Maiṁ īmānadārī sē saccā’ī kā mānanā ​​hai ki

Hama sabhī kō isa kara rahē haiṁ


About the author


Lennée Reid is a spiritualist, poet, environmentalist, activist and survivor who is just trying to make sense of it all and find peace. She is a member of the Olympia Poetry Network and lives in Cascadia. Her debut collection of poetry, “An Evergreen State of Mind – Poetry from Cascadia” is available online. Her work has been displayed at the Washington State Department of Commerce and featured on the KAOS 89.3 literary show “Tell It Slant”. Lennée won the Dec ’14 Olympia People’s Mic Slam! and has been published in “South Sound Green Pages”, “Southwest Washington Family”, and many times in “Works in Progress”. She has performed in Washington, Oregon, and Montana at The Duwamish Long House, B Sharp, The Round, The G Funk Stage, Midnight Sun, Rainingman, The Olympia Peoples Mic, Kalefest, and The Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. With her poetry she speaks for the trees, shines a light on darkness and advocates for spiritual harmony. Lennée loves organic fair trade anything, road trips, and karaoke.

She can also be found on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter @lenneereid

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The Best Grounding Visualization Technique



Studying ways to balance energy and emotions is something I have a passion for. Sometimes, being an empath, it is necessary to be mindful of energy just to function in certain situations or around specific people. If this is not done, there can be an overflow of emotions and energy that needs to be grounded out in order to restore harmony and enjoy the present moment. A simple way of grounding and balancing is visualization. I am sensitive to stuff from other people and realized how to shield and cloak with energy by practicing this exercise.
Be alone in a setting that is powerful or safe for you or in nature where it is peaceful. To begin first bring awareness to breathing deeply and slowly. Relax your shoulders and stand or sit comfortably. Then visualize your body sinking roots through your feet into to the earths core. Connect to and wrap your roots around the earth. Next visualize energy from your head rising up to meet the light of the sun. Imagine light streaming upwards like branches of a tree all the way to the sun. Imagine glowing vines wrapping around the source of life. You are rooted in earth below and to the light sun above. Be mindful of breathing deeply fully. Now feel a warm ball of light begin to form in your core at the solar plexus. Allow it to build it up to a luminous bubble, then you expand that bubble out as far as you can imagine. Include your surroundings, all the visual field, all your thoughts then further expand that bubble to include the earth and your roots and the sun and your branches. When the bubble is all of your relaxed consciousness sit in it for a while and enjoy the space, fill it up with your awareness so you can imagine you are reaching its outer edges. Let your breath fill expand and contract this space of awareness. Then let your mind free from time and space like a TARDIS. Create another bubble quite small that you just fit inside, then visualize the big bubble squashing into the small bubble. Imagine yourself stepping in and out of this bubble to get a good feel for it. Like a portal, black hole, or vortex every time you step inside the little bubble the entire big bubble is available to you. However enormous it is inside, when you step outside it seems contained and small and neat. Breathe and allow the waves of relaxed breath to ride the expanding and contracting energy. When the feeling of calm has filled you, begin to release the branches and roots of energy and bring the light back to your center and your focus to the room or natural surroundings. When leaving the place of solitude or the quiet serenity of nature you’ve been in and head back to regular awareness, you keep the little bubble small and strong and light with you. Make its edges as small as desired. Inside it will be as expansive as the universe. Carry this through everyday life. Know when to open the protective bubble and be protected from other energy entering personal space. Stress or anxiety can be a manifestation of feeling unprotected. With this visualization we can create the feeling and reality of peace and tranquility. Restoring balance and harmony to our mind body and soul.


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