Being a Mixed Girl

being a mixed girl is hard every race dislikes you for different opposite ridiculous reasons I'm too quiet uppity and a know it all in the hood I'm too traumatized loud and scary for my white liberal friends my native friends just look at me sideways because they have the best manners they all ghost … Continue reading Being a Mixed Girl

I AM #88!

Hello there people of the internet. Now that I've decompressed it's time for an update on my WOWPS experience.  The people I met were  amazing! I connected with poets from around the world like Maddie Godfrey and went to some awesome readings. I met Sara Eve Fermin, Wil Gibson, and Erin dingle at the visible … Continue reading I AM #88!

My favorite thing to eat currently, now that I’m veganish

A while ago I went vegan. I must say it was easier than I thought. My health is already improving. I've always been a foodie into organics, so it was just a matter of making a few adjustments. So here's a some yummy pictures and descriptions of my favorite things to eat currently. No recipes. … Continue reading My favorite thing to eat currently, now that I’m veganish