Keep Calm I’m the Queen



I am just so tired of this crap in the news every day. Girls kids black white innocent bystanders. When will this bullshit stop? I’ll tell you when.

When I’m Queen.

Q-How long has this racist classist genocidal bullshit been going on?
A- Forever.

Q- For how many of the forever racist classist genocidal bullshit filled years has Lennée been Queen?
A- Zero.

Q- Is it possible having Lennée as Queen would begin a new age of tolerance health compassion and prosperity?
A- Sure, anything is possible.

Q-Do you have a better faster idea for improving our lives and this planet than immediately building a Unitarian eco friendly neutral non GMO fracking free hemp fueled city state where all plants in their natural form are legal and everybody gets a free tiny house where Lennée is Queen mostly because it was her idea and babies and puppies love her so who can argue with that?

A- No, you do not have a better idea. I’m the Queen.  I have the idea.
I rest my case.

Thank you for listening and stay tuned for more from Lennée for Queen in 2016

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