Being a Mixed Girl

being a mixed girl is hard every race dislikes you for different opposite ridiculous reasons I'm too quiet uppity and a know it all in the hood I'm too traumatized loud and scary for my white liberal friends my native friends just look at me sideways because they have the best manners they all ghost … Continue reading Being a Mixed Girl

A poem “Poverty is…..”

Poverty is dangerous it puts you in places you should not be living with people who do not love you or like you or want you there who hurt you and choke you or only want to fuck you poverty takes your dignity kicks you out on the street with your wants desire jealousy poverty … Continue reading A poem “Poverty is…..”

The march for the one year anniversary of the shooting of Andre Chaplin Thompson and Bryson Chaplin

Today at 130 am marked the one year anniversary of the shootings of Andre Chaplin Thompson and Bryson Chaplin by a lone Olympia police officer who pursued them over shoplifting. The community marched and showed their continued support. More must still be done to hold officers accountable, like a citizens review board, because #Blacklivesmatter and  … Continue reading The march for the one year anniversary of the shooting of Andre Chaplin Thompson and Bryson Chaplin

Temple of Cannabis

welcome to the temple of cannabis home of initiates in the sacred arts of roll it up smoke it and puff puff give our most devout will... Wait.. What was I saying? 🙂  we place the dab on a pedestal kneel to the grow in all its forms open high times read prayers of warriors … Continue reading Temple of Cannabis

Shady Bitch

Shady Bitch I've been called a nigger in the summer Then beaner until late fall But winter til mid spring No one guesses wtf I am at all! Cause I'm a shady bitch Shape shifting witch I am rainbow colored inside and out People always try to figure me out They ask if I'm Hawaiian … Continue reading Shady Bitch

Keep Calm I’m the Queen

I am just so tired of this crap in the news every day. Girls kids black white innocent bystanders. When will this bullshit stop? I'll tell you when. When I'm Queen. Q-How long has this racist classist genocidal bullshit been going on? A- Forever. Q- For how many of the forever racist classist genocidal bullshit … Continue reading Keep Calm I’m the Queen