The march for the one year anniversary of the shooting of Andre Chaplin Thompson and Bryson Chaplin

Today at 130 am marked the one year anniversary of the shootings of Andre Chaplin Thompson and Bryson Chaplin by a lone Olympia police officer who pursued them over shoplifting. The community marched and showed their continued support. More must still be done to hold officers accountable, like a citizens review board, because #Blacklivesmatter and  … Continue reading The march for the one year anniversary of the shooting of Andre Chaplin Thompson and Bryson Chaplin

Temple of Cannabis

welcome to the temple of cannabis home of initiates in the sacred arts of roll it up smoke it and puff puff give our most devout will... Wait.. What was I saying? 🙂  we place the dab on a pedestal kneel to the grow in all its forms open high times read prayers of warriors … Continue reading Temple of Cannabis

black widow

black widow evolution of consciousness circle of life wheel of dharma karma center of the universe we pieces of web intertwined I black widow my thoughts express sound your ears receive here now we have exchange one memory I find my thoughts wander loose my ego by soul go fly download piece of minds manifest … Continue reading black widow

Eka Hindu poetry

एक हम 10 कमांडेंट्स की जरूरत नहीं है बस इस एक सच्चाई हम एक हैं कोई मतभेद हैं एक मन एक शरीर एक आत्मा एक जीवन एक ग्रह सिर्फ एक तो यह मेरी दलील यह मेरा रोना है आप समझ में नहीं आता, तो मैं आपको बता क्यों नहीं कर सकते यह मेरे पैरों के … Continue reading Eka Hindu poetry

“Une” French poetry

Une Nous ne avons pas besoin 10 commandements Juste cette vérité Il n'y a pas de divisions, nous sommes une Un esprit un seul corps une âme Une vie une planète juste un Donc, ce est mon plaidoyer ce est mon cri Si vous ne comprenez pas que je ne peux pas vous dire pourquoi … Continue reading “Une” French poetry

Poetry from Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra

Today we have three soul searching poems from Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra. Road to Revolution I was on the road to revolution; when I met- The childless mother beating her chest in sorrow, the widow shredding tears of solitude, The motherless child crying for company, the father who had lost his son… For the road to … Continue reading Poetry from Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra