Temple of Cannabis

welcome to the temple of cannabis home of initiates in the sacred arts of roll it up smoke it and puff puff give our most devout will... Wait.. What was I saying? ūüôā  we place the dab on a pedestal kneel to the grow in all its forms open high times read prayers of warriors … Continue reading Temple of Cannabis

Wandering dark house

If you happened upon this house on an off trail hike, what would you do? Run or go inside? Something else? Knowing how people are, this can go three ways. Wandering Dark House #1- During a long hike, wandering off trail, I stumble across a seemingly long abandoned house. Looks like only nature is in … Continue reading Wandering dark house

black widow

black widow evolution of consciousness circle of life wheel of dharma karma center of the universe we pieces of web intertwined I black widow my thoughts express sound your ears receive here now we have exchange one memory I find my thoughts wander loose my ego by soul go fly download piece of minds manifest … Continue reading black widow

Desertado a las Ardillas

Desertado a las Ardillas Hoy me uno a los defectos y las ardillas Viven en los √°rboles sin permisos de construcci√≥n polic√≠as c√°rceles o impuestos He visto amos casa del √°rbol y de todo coraz√≥n estar de acuerdo Los √°rboles hacen mucho mejores fundaciones Que el hormig√≥n Libre Las ardillas saben c√≥mo es la gente … Continue reading Desertado a las Ardillas

The Best Grounding Visualization Technique

Studying ways to balance energy and emotions is something I have a passion for. Sometimes, being an empath, it is necessary to be mindful of energy just to function in certain situations or around specific people. If this is not done, there can be an overflow of emotions and energy that needs to be grounded … Continue reading The Best Grounding Visualization Technique