A poem “Poverty is…..”



Poverty is dangerous it puts you in places you should not be living with people who do not love you or like you or want you there who hurt you and choke you or only want to fuck you poverty takes your dignity kicks you out on the street with your wants desire jealousy poverty is filthy it doesn’t have closets a toothbrush it is losing everything again it’s even losing when you win failing before you begin poverty hurts it is separate but equal healthcare it is standing in the food bank line with the flu when the Dr said you must rest poverty is stress constant movement instability a dark vortex a sinking hole chaos is hell disconnection poverty doesn’t have a cosigner doesn’t care give a shit or a fuck about your rights needs or ability to pay for them your age or education who you know affiliations  activism how many miles you have marched or fought poverty is vets and their widows children and puppies everybodyPoverty is a starving artist who needs a publisher an agent has 5$ chapbooks but doesn’t have change for your 20. Poverty knows where everything free is resourcefuless not lack of skills just money poverty needs help is preventable by those who are very sorry they don’t accept section 8 although they feel for you , apologize because you don’t qualify , doesn’t want to be a hero but will pray for you and wishes they could help  Poverty lies to your face tells you to have positive thoughts to change your vibration think abundance life advice right now is apathetic indifferent poverty is discrimination won’t hire you or include you smiles and nods at you it is rude and condescending it is watched on the street corner poverty is pulled over for nothing,  trapped in fishing nets poverty watches videos of people freeing hopelessly trapped animals every day.  Poverty will take your car, put you in jail, foreclose on your house  This is a setup the system is working stuck here living in fear  poverty is a minimum wage hoax that charges 1000 dollars a month rent and 700 dollars taxes before you even anything  it is fining you for doing nothing nothing poverty cant participate can’t make it won’t show up doesn’t have enough can’t pay poverty is sick broke mentally ill has PTSD depression anxiety and a kid with add poverty causes conditions for  mental illness trauma and vulnerability poverty ran out of gas twice this month so far driving on 4 thread bare tires  1 almost flat on the freeway in the heat in front of your Lexus reckless poverty is not your problem poverty is dangerous and puts us all in places we should not be it is billions of people in this world  millions in america it is thousands in my town it is family that are tired of lead in their water and friends with no opportunity poverty is single disabled moms losing their license it’s dad’s with two jobs and expired tabs, grandma can’t afford her medicine again, gramps is hopeless  is nothing to anyone is forgotten and unimportant just like me. 
About the author

Lennée Reid is a geeky veganish universalist QPOC witch doctor mama bear poet activist survivor goddess on the spectrum who doesnt like labels that uses punctuation when she d@mn well pleases smile emoticon period Lennée has appeared in the UPS DIRT! project, Creative Colloquy, The Girl God, Tattoosday, and is forthcoming from Lost Tower. Her poems and photos are often in “Works In Progress”. Lennée repped Olympia Peoples Mic in NYC for WOWPS 2016, has featured and slammed across the country, and was heard on the KAOS 89.3 lit show “Tell It Slant”.
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Dear everyone driving in Cascadia



Dear everyone driving in Cascadia.  There is a sacred driving formula that you will need to drive without road rage, anxiety,  or wasting your gas and time.  It is the pulse of I5, the heartbeat of Seattle and Portland.  There are between 4-6 hours a day that you can’t drive I5 or in Seattle proper for that matter. Well you could but it’s a parking lot .  Have to go before or after, unless you enjoy bicycles and foot traffic passing you by.  There is a gas/time/distance formula for optimal cost,  time spent on the road idling wasting gas for how long and when you have to be where. 

Now granted, the formula means you don’t go into the city between 8 – 10 am and you don’t leave between 4-6 pm.  Also if you have to be in Seattle on say, new years eve,  you leave at 8p the day before. 

The pulse goes into the city in the morning and out a night.  How I love driving North into the city at night from Olympia with rush hour on the other side. 

Now Portland needs at least two new bridges.  One on either side the only current I5 crossing.  At rush hour there is a web of parking lot on every road highway and off ramp as far as the eyes can see.  It’s a waste of time and money running your car. So pull over and enjoy Majestic Cascadia.  Check out our delicious local artisan crafted everything, and spend time relaxing in our breathtaking parks.

So plan ahead,  go before,  go after just know when to drive I5.

The Best Grounding Visualization Technique



Studying ways to balance energy and emotions is something I have a passion for. Sometimes, being an empath, it is necessary to be mindful of energy just to function in certain situations or around specific people. If this is not done, there can be an overflow of emotions and energy that needs to be grounded out in order to restore harmony and enjoy the present moment. A simple way of grounding and balancing is visualization. I am sensitive to stuff from other people and realized how to shield and cloak with energy by practicing this exercise.
Be alone in a setting that is powerful or safe for you or in nature where it is peaceful. To begin first bring awareness to breathing deeply and slowly. Relax your shoulders and stand or sit comfortably. Then visualize your body sinking roots through your feet into to the earths core. Connect to and wrap your roots around the earth. Next visualize energy from your head rising up to meet the light of the sun. Imagine light streaming upwards like branches of a tree all the way to the sun. Imagine glowing vines wrapping around the source of life. You are rooted in earth below and to the light sun above. Be mindful of breathing deeply fully. Now feel a warm ball of light begin to form in your core at the solar plexus. Allow it to build it up to a luminous bubble, then you expand that bubble out as far as you can imagine. Include your surroundings, all the visual field, all your thoughts then further expand that bubble to include the earth and your roots and the sun and your branches. When the bubble is all of your relaxed consciousness sit in it for a while and enjoy the space, fill it up with your awareness so you can imagine you are reaching its outer edges. Let your breath fill expand and contract this space of awareness. Then let your mind free from time and space like a TARDIS. Create another bubble quite small that you just fit inside, then visualize the big bubble squashing into the small bubble. Imagine yourself stepping in and out of this bubble to get a good feel for it. Like a portal, black hole, or vortex every time you step inside the little bubble the entire big bubble is available to you. However enormous it is inside, when you step outside it seems contained and small and neat. Breathe and allow the waves of relaxed breath to ride the expanding and contracting energy. When the feeling of calm has filled you, begin to release the branches and roots of energy and bring the light back to your center and your focus to the room or natural surroundings. When leaving the place of solitude or the quiet serenity of nature you’ve been in and head back to regular awareness, you keep the little bubble small and strong and light with you. Make its edges as small as desired. Inside it will be as expansive as the universe. Carry this through everyday life. Know when to open the protective bubble and be protected from other energy entering personal space. Stress or anxiety can be a manifestation of feeling unprotected. With this visualization we can create the feeling and reality of peace and tranquility. Restoring balance and harmony to our mind body and soul.


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