Top 20 Reasons I Love Cascadia


Top 20 Reasons I Love Cascadia

#20 Berries – – Blackberries, raspberries, salmon berries, huckleberries, Spooners strawberries… You thought I was going to say apples didn’t you? Nope, the berries are better.

#19 Farmers markets with flying fish, bakeries that make soul cookies, urban farms with ancient vines, and organic locally made lollipops with zero regrets.

#18 You don’t have to shovel rain. True story.

#17 “It’s in the water” Best tap water this side of the Rockies.

#16 No plastic bags starting July 1st 2014 …you environment destroying single use menaces.

#15 Pow wows – Because thankfully there are many tribes out here that survived the holocaust of colonization historically disguised as manifest destiny.

#14 I have never been called a nigger in Cascadia. At least not to my face. Or any other slur of races I am not actually but resemble enough that I catch their insults in ‘Murica. We are very inclusive and tolerant out here in Cascadia, for the most part. I love that!

#13 Festivals -Cascadia Poetry Festival, The Spring Fairy Festival, Chinese new year celebrations, and PRIDE just to name a few.

#12 Rainbow Valley in the 1990’s. I think I may have taken a trip there once and if I did it was not a bad one.

#11 Decent local economies sprinkled with Boeing, Microsoft, and other global diabolical badassery for good measure such as….

#10 JBLM, Bremerton and Whidbey Naval bases. Just in case TSHTF Washingtonians will be pretty safe while soldiers kick Russian ass and the best drag queens north of San Francisco sing the star spangled banner with fierceness unlike any other.

#9 TESC and Cascadia Now! They are such a cute young couple.
#8 Protests, Rallies, federal judges that uphold the constitution and other political awesomeness.

#7 Seattle Portland and Olympia – Cultural hubs with beautiful backdrops of the forests and mountains are found all over Cascadia.

#6 Canada is a very nice neighbor to the north eh?

#5 Religious tolerance with a heavy dose of eastern influence mixed in with a few hippies, vegans, yoga, witches, hummus and a sitar.

#420 It’s a green region with MMJ, Cannacon and Hempfest or the right to be healthy and happy, as I like to call it.

#3 There are many alternative educational opportunities and community building organizations such as GRuB who work real miracles

#2 No Hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning storms, poisonous snakes or gators. Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t there that you really appreciate.

#1 Sasquatch – She’s actually pretty cool once you get to know her.


The No Bullshit Diet


Have you heard of the latest diet sensation? The No Bullshit diet! You don’t eat any gmos, factory farmed meat, or dairy, cause that’s bullshit. You dont drink alcohol made with gmos cause that’s bullshit. Fast food? Bullshit. Soda? Bullshit. All the stupid white shit Nazis eat? Fuck that bullshit. No white flour, salt, sugar, enslaved abused animal milk none of that bullshit. Because they will give you diabetes inflammation and high blood pressure. No bullshit! No dyes, chemicals, nitrates, or added sulfates. No sushi or pork because you’ll get parasites from that bullshit. So what do you eat then? First off you eat less and stop stuffing your face with this crap. Second drink more filtered water your liver and kidneys will thank you. 3 The vegan trinity beans greens and grains cause you dont need meat three times a day. 4 Add some free range organic grass fed wild meat sparingly. 5 Eat a new fruit and vegetable every month for a year. Yeah omg you need to go to new stores! 6 Learn what your local wild foods are and go get them. 7 Grow your own garlic and onions because you need them to cook every day and its easy as fuck. 8 There are a ton of alternate milks, try them all! 9 100% Blue agave tequila and organic cider are great. Of course they’re expensive. Drink less, dumbass. 10 Do this with ever increasing accuracy for 20 years until everything you cook is better than 95% of what you could eat in a restaurant and then you will have reached the ultimate no bullshit level. But then eating out will suck or be expensive and thats also – No Bullshit! No cooking in plastic in microwaves. Learn to cook and garden. Pull the bullshit from your cupboards and fridge. Make farmer friends that have goats. Breed happy chickens to barter for happy cheese.
And remember….

As within
So without
Don’t put bullshit
In your mouth

For more from Lennée Reid listen to “The Second Coming Of Matriarchy” on band camp.

I AM #88!


Hello there people of the internet. Now that I’ve decompressed it’s time for an update on my WOWPS experience.  The people I met were  amazing! I connected with poets from around the world like Maddie Godfrey and went to some awesome readings. I met Sara Eve Fermin, Wil Gibson, and Erin dingle at the visible and invisible disabilities reading, all of whoms work I admire. #sparklebrainsunite And dressed as Hermione hosting the nerd slam, Tolanda Henderson, a truly kindred spirit. Some of my favorite NW poets were there too. Cecily Schuler was organizing the volunteers and Garfield Hillson was volunteering staying just up the road from me in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Both of them made NYC more comfortable. Although the structure prevented me from seeing Nikita Oliver perform, who’s work I’ve posted here on asliceofmysticpi, or Shana Alden I know they made it rain.

Gotta shout out to the Bushwick graffiti and mural artists making their mark.




My first bout I performed “Black Widow” which you can check out a performance of from Seattle Poetry Slam Here on my YouTube channel and “temple of cannabis”. Both my poems came in last. 3 of the 5 judges at one time were west point cadets. I of course said something cause I can’t keep my mouth shut. Maybe they don’t like revolution or weed. I haven’t placed last in a slam in well over a year and that’s all I’m saying about that…… Mumbles something about poetry being judged by uniforms under breath…

At my second bout I was happy to meet a mentor and Facebook friend in real life, Deborah Pointer. Yes, the Deborah pointer from Def Poetry Jam. She got this great shot of me slamming “One” which you can check out really old video of hereback when I had wrapped dreadlocks. “One” came in last and “Premeditated Repressed Memory” came in 5th.

And then we went out to dinner at this delicious Chinese place. Most importantly she made me feel like a sister at home in a huge city. And I totally forgot to take pictures. The leftovers were good though.


The next day I ate the lunch special at this delightful Nepalese Indian place Called Spice and Grill on Myrtle in Brooklyn. And I mean I ate it the whole next day. It was a lot of delicious food. Here’s a local article about them



I got a chance to catch an open mic hosted by Sharief Hobley at Bijan’s
It was an honor to hear someone who has worked with so many legends play in an intimate setting and he was a friendly host. I had a delicious soup that I have never tasted anything like before and highly recommend. The drummer was super cool and awesome just like the bartender guy and the waitress was on point, the other performers should get a shout out too. It was memorable. I would definitely go back there and take way more notes and pictures. I’m new at this.


When I poemed in N.Y. for #WOWPSBK I did not come in last! Although 88th out of 96 is probably the worst I’ve ever done at anything in my life, I’m happy with not last. I could’ve done worse! I will do better next time! And considering everything I had to overcome just to participate I’d say I did my best. I’ve improved a lot since wowps and overall I’m glad I went. Although honestly, it was more difficult physically, emotionally, and financially than I anticipated or could handle, I survived. My fundraiser met 8% of its goal. Even without bringing my daughter I really needed to meet half the goal. so please donate to send Lennée to wowps on Indiegogo Anything helps.

Knowing how much my daughter loves fashion, I said I’d get a picture of someone who looked like a model. And would you know #sidewalkrunwaynyc on Instagram was the best dressed lady I saw. I have a good eye. She has great taste. We will be internet friends forever.


Then I checked out this street show. This guy does some kinda bouncing cartwheel on his back too. It’s sick.


And this guy

that you can check out on my Instagram which has more pics from NY including a couple blocks worth of the murals you saw earlier.

After finals I came back to Cascadia.
Congratulations to Co WOWPS 2016 Champs Emi Mahmoud and Imani Cezanne!


Here’s Emi Mahmouds Finals Performance

Here’s Imani Cezanne on YouTube

You should totally check them out.

Namaste Your Majesties

About the Queen, I mean author
image photo credit Ryan Harris

Lennée Reid is a geeky veganish universalist QPOC witch doctor mama bear poet activist survivor goddess on the spectrum who doesnt like labels that uses punctuation when she d@mn well pleases smile emoticon period Lennée has appeared in the UPS DIRT! project, Creative Colloquy, The Girl God, Tattoosday, and is forthcoming from Lost Tower. Her poems and photos are often in “Works In Progress”. Lennée repped Olympia Peoples Mic in NYC for WOWPS 2016, has featured across the country, and was heard on the KAOS 89.3 lit show “Tell It Slant”.

Find her online @lenneereid

Temple of Cannabis



welcome to the temple of cannabis home of initiates in the sacred arts of roll it up smoke it and puff puff give our most devout will… Wait.. What was I saying? 🙂  we place the dab on a pedestal kneel to the grow in all its forms open high times read prayers of warriors here we are blessed with a purple haze that brightens dark days mother mary jane keeps us sane heals our pains thorns pulled from the side of  those who prophesied a green age our saints are persecuted discriminated all races Marley Herrer Montel Cheech and Chong  Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg get along over a bong in this temple we resurrect revolution ending prohibition healing our mission we are blessed by our sacred mother of happiness and industry who dances through legislation on clouds that convert minds to open so listen converse with growers patients activists be sure they have what you need and above all don’t just smoke it real champions eat their weedies!

Lennée Reid

Send Lennee to WOWPS


Dear People of The Internet,

I have a favor to ask. You see, I recently won the Olympia People’s Mic Women Of The World Poetry Slam qualifier.

Photo credit: Ryan Harris

That’s an actual picture of me crying when I won, and Rachel Greene being a supportive awesome person.

So now, I am asking for your support to get to WOWPS this March. I would love the opportunity to present my poetry on the national stage and compete representing my favorite town, Olympia, WA. I am a single mom and I’m a disabled, troubled artist poet so money is really really tight. Poetry is my passion. It has given me a voice and helps me heal to survive this rollercoaster called life. So if you enjoy my blog writing, I hope you do, and would love to support the arts, women, and moms in this way, please make a donation to “Send Lennee to WOWPS” on Indiegogo

So why should you give me money to go to WOWPS? What is that anyway? And will giving me your money change the world? Ill tell ya.
WOWPSis more than a poetry slam. Its a week where the most outspoken women come together to share and learn in sisterhood. Please help me get there. It will help me grow as a person. Its an experience I would love to share daughter. I have worked hard to qualify to be a part of it. Sending us there would literally influence my life and my daughters chances of going to college. Yes you can change the world one dollar at a time. And for 25$ you even get a special edition handmade chapbook signed by me.
Cover art “The Goddess of Woo” by Kay Shevon
How cool is that? I designed the cover and it has my best slam poems so it’s very cool. So cool it will be worth 300$ when im a famous poet. An investment shall we say?

Oh! And if you haven’t seen me perform before, heres some recent footage from Seattle Poetry Slam

And some really old footage of from before I ever competed in a slam, because it’s always fun to look at old footage.


That’s the poem that started this journey. One. It’s been said in more places than I could imagine already. How about New York?

Thanks for following reading supporting and listening. Thank you.

Thank you.


Aka “The Queen”

Eka Hindu poetry



हम 10 कमांडेंट्स की जरूरत नहीं है

बस इस एक सच्चाई

हम एक हैं कोई मतभेद हैं

एक मन एक शरीर एक आत्मा

एक जीवन एक ग्रह सिर्फ एक

तो यह मेरी दलील यह मेरा रोना है

आप समझ में नहीं आता, तो मैं आपको बता क्यों नहीं कर सकते

यह मेरे पैरों के नीचे जमीन है

आसमान में और मेरी आँख

मेरे साथ कोई नहीं है

आप अपने भाइयों और बहनों को देखते हैं और कहते हैं

अरे, फिर कैसे कर रही है? क्या आप ठीक हैं?

हम एक हैं याद रखें

हम सब कुछ की जरूरत है

केंद्र में सच्चाई की तरह

एक पहिया में सभी सेल की

आशा और प्रेम में घिरा

मैं ईमानदारी से हम एक हैं देखते हैं

काले सफेद भूरे रंग पीला और लाल

समलैंगिक सीधे समलैंगिक वर्ग

हम सब एक ही थाली से खा रहे हैं

और एक बिस्तर में सो रही है

हम डर के बजाय एक-दूसरे के बारे में सोचना

एक के रूप में एक दूसरे को स्वीकार करें

आप एक बीमार पिल्ला देखते हैं

या हमले पर एक भेड़िया पैक क्यों पीछे रहो?

आप हम एक स्थिति में हैं देख नहीं सकते

और एक के रूप में व्यवहार करते हैं?

दर्पण में हमें देखो और अपने आप को

सब कुछ एक है क्योंकि

अब हमारे बीच कोई डिवीजनों हो वहाँ जाने किसने कहा?

कोई भी एक साथ यहाँ कर रहे हैं

कोई बाड़ कोशिकाओं जेलों या दीवारों कर रहे हैं

उन्होंने कहा कि हम एक हैं एक भ्रम सब एक सपने हैं

मेरे साथ कोई नहीं है

आप एक परिप्रेक्ष्य के साथ एक व्यक्ति रहे हैं

एक और एक जीभ के साथ जन्मे

एक माँ से एक समय

सिर्फ एक

आप तो सच की तलाश है तो आप एक हैं

हम चाहते हैं कि हमारे सभी दुश्मनों को प्यार करता हूँ …

वैसे मैं वहाँ कोई नहीं होगा लगता था!

क्या आप एक हैं?

एक में कोई दुश्मन हैं

एक मन शरीर आत्मा जीवन ग्रह सिर्फ एक

हम एक ईसाई मुस्लिम कंजूस हैं

Animist मानवतावादी नास्तिक हिंदू

Wiccan बुतपरस्त ज़ेन बौद्ध भी

अज्ञेयवादी यहां मुझसे आगे हैं

आप सभी को पता था कि …। एक हो सकता है

हम एक हैं और क्योंकि यह यहाँ है

ज्ञान सच्चाई और ईमानदारी की मांग

समझौता स्वीकृति और क्षमा

ध्यान प्रार्थना और बहस

कौन सबसे अच्छा जवाब है?

कैसे निर्वाण प्राप्त करने के लिए?

मैं स्वर्ग में स्वीकार किया जाएगा?

हम वास्तव में प्यार लोगों से अलग होती है?

हम क्या बारे में बहस कर रहे हैं?

यह हम एक हैं जवाब है जो कुछ भी

केंद्र में एक सच पसंद

एक पहिया में सभी सेल की

आशा और प्रेम में घिरा

मैं ईमानदारी से हम एक हैं का मानना ​​है कि

उपदेशक और पापी एक

पुलिस लुटेरे न्यायाधीशों कैदियों को एक

व्यापारियों खून Crips hoes और दलाल नशेड़ी


सैनिकों जनरलों राष्ट्रपति पोप एक

राजा रानी और शरणार्थियों

एक जीवन प्यार आशा सपना है और एक डर

अतीत वर्तमान भविष्य

यहाँ और अब एक है

उत्पीड़कों और शोषितों एक

अमीर और बेघर एक

यहूदी बस्ती हवेली इग्लू झोंपड़ी में

longhouse पेशाब टी

जहाँ भी वन पर है

मैं हमारे मंदिर हम है मेरे मंदिर हूँ

एक बस की तरह के रूप में हमारे घर पर होने दो

केंद्र में एक सच्चाई

एक पहिया में सभी सेल की

आशा और प्रेम में घिरा

मैं ईमानदारी से सच्चाई का मानना ​​है कि

हम सभी को इस कर रहे हैं



Hama 10 kamāṇḍēṇṭsa kī jarūrata nahīṁ hai

Basa isa ēka saccā’ī

Hama ēka haiṁ kō’ī matabhēda haiṁ

Ēka mana ēka śarīra ēka ātmā

Ēka jīvana ēka graha sirpha ēka

Tō yaha mērī dalīla yaha mērā rōnā hai

Āpa samajha mēṁ nahīṁ ātā, tō maiṁ āpakō batā kyōṁ nahīṁ kara sakatē

Yaha mērē pairōṁ kē nīcē jamīna hai

Āsamāna mēṁ aura mērī ām̐kha

Mērē sātha kō’ī nahīṁ hai

Āpa apanē bhā’iyōṁ aura bahanōṁ kō dēkhatē haiṁ aura kahatē haiṁ

Arē, phira kaisē kara rahī hai? Kyā āpa ṭhīka haiṁ?

Hama ēka haiṁ yāda rakhēṁ

Hama saba kucha kī jarūrata hai

Kēndra mēṁ saccā’ī kī taraha

Ēka pahiyā mēṁ sabhī sēla kī

Āśā aura prēma mēṁ ghirā

Maiṁ īmānadārī sē hama ēka haiṁ dēkhatē haiṁ

Kālē saphēda bhūrē raṅga pīlā aura lāla

Samalaiṅgika sīdhē samalaiṅgika varga

Hama saba ēka hī thālī sē khā rahē haiṁ

Aura ēka bistara mēṁ sō rahī hai

Hama ḍara kē bajāya ēka-dūsarē kē bārē mēṁ sōcanā

Ēka kē rūpa mēṁ ēka dūsarē kō svīkāra karēṁ

Āpa ēka bīmāra pillā dēkhatē haiṁ

Yā hamalē para ēka bhēṛiyā paika kyōṁ pīchē rahō?

Āpa hama ēka sthiti mēṁ haiṁ dēkha nahīṁ sakatē

Aura ēka kē rūpa mēṁ vyavahāra karatē haiṁ?

Darpaṇa mēṁ hamēṁ dēkhō aura apanē āpa kō

Saba kucha ēka hai kyōṅki

Aba hamārē bīca kō’ī ḍivījanōṁ hō vahām̐ jānē kisanē kahā?

Kō’ī bhī ēka sātha yahām̐ kara rahē haiṁ

Kō’ī bāṛa kōśikā’ōṁ jēlōṁ yā dīvārōṁ kara rahē haiṁ

Unhōnnē kahā ki hama ēka haiṁ ēka bhrama saba ēka sapanē haiṁ

Mērē sātha kō’ī nahīṁ hai

Āpa ēka pariprēkṣya kē sātha ēka vyakti rahē haiṁ

Ēka aura ēka jībha kē sātha janmē

Ēka mām̐ sē ēka samaya

Sirpha ēka

Āpa tō saca kī talāśa hai tō āpa ēka haiṁ

Hama cāhatē haiṁ ki hamārē sabhī duśmanōṁ kō pyāra karatā hūm̐ …

Vaisē maiṁ vahām̐ kō’ī nahīṁ hōgā lagatā thā!

Kyā āpa ēka haiṁ?

Ēka mēṁ kō’ī duśmana haiṁ

Ēka mana śarīra ātmā jīvana graha sirpha ēka

Hama ēka īsā’ī muslima kan̄jūsa haiṁ

Animist mānavatāvādī nāstika hindū

Wiccan butaparasta zēna baud’dha bhī

Ajñēyavādī yahāṁ mujhasē āgē haiṁ

Āpa sabhī kō patā thā ki…. Ēka hō sakatā hai

Hama ēka haiṁ aura kyōṅki yaha yahām̐ hai

Jñāna saccā’ī aura īmānadārī kī māṅga

Samajhautā svīkr̥ti aura kṣamā

Dhyāna prārthanā aura bahasa

Kauna sabasē acchā javāba hai?

Kaisē nirvāṇa prāpta karanē kē li’ē?

Maiṁ svarga mēṁ svīkāra kiyā jā’ēgā?

Hama vāstava mēṁ pyāra lōgōṁ sē alaga hōtī hai?

Hama kyā bārē mēṁ bahasa kara rahē haiṁ?

Yaha hama ēka haiṁ javāba hai jō kucha bhī

Kēndra mēṁ ēka saca pasanda

Ēka pahiyā mēṁ sabhī sēla kī

Āśā aura prēma mēṁ ghirā

Maiṁ īmānadārī sē hama ēka haiṁ kā mānanā ​​hai ki

Upadēśaka aura pāpī ēka

Pulisa luṭērē n’yāyādhīśōṁ kaidiyōṁ kō ēka

Vyāpāriyōṁ khūna Crips hoes aura dalāla naśēṛī


Sainikōṁ janaralōṁ rāṣṭrapati pōpa ēka

Rājā rānī aura śaraṇārthiyōṁ

Ēka jīvana pyāra āśā sapanā hai aura ēka ḍara

Atīta vartamāna bhaviṣya

Yahām̐ aura aba ēka hai

Utpīṛakōṁ aura śōṣitōṁ ēka

Amīra aura bēghara ēka

Yahūdī bastī havēlī iglū jhōmpaṛī mēṁ

Longhouse pēśāba ṭī

Jahām̐ bhī vana para hai

Maiṁ hamārē mandira hama hai mērē mandira hūm̐

Ēka basa kī taraha kē rūpa mēṁ hamārē ghara para hōnē dō

Kēndra mēṁ ēka saccā’ī

Ēka pahiyā mēṁ sabhī sēla kī

Āśā aura prēma mēṁ ghirā

Maiṁ īmānadārī sē saccā’ī kā mānanā ​​hai ki

Hama sabhī kō isa kara rahē haiṁ


About the author


Lennée Reid is a spiritualist, poet, environmentalist, activist and survivor who is just trying to make sense of it all and find peace. She is a member of the Olympia Poetry Network and lives in Cascadia. Her debut collection of poetry, “An Evergreen State of Mind – Poetry from Cascadia” is available online. Her work has been displayed at the Washington State Department of Commerce and featured on the KAOS 89.3 literary show “Tell It Slant”. Lennée won the Dec ’14 Olympia People’s Mic Slam! and has been published in “South Sound Green Pages”, “Southwest Washington Family”, and many times in “Works in Progress”. She has performed in Washington, Oregon, and Montana at The Duwamish Long House, B Sharp, The Round, The G Funk Stage, Midnight Sun, Rainingman, The Olympia Peoples Mic, Kalefest, and The Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. With her poetry she speaks for the trees, shines a light on darkness and advocates for spiritual harmony. Lennée loves organic fair trade anything, road trips, and karaoke.

She can also be found on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter @lenneereid

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Desertado a las Ardillas



Desertado a las Ardillas

Hoy me uno a los defectos y las ardillas
Viven en los árboles sin
permisos de construcción policías cárceles o impuestos
He visto amos casa del árbol y de todo corazón estar de acuerdo
Los árboles hacen mucho mejores fundaciones
Que el hormigón
Las ardillas saben cómo es la gente
Manténgase alejado de la mayoría de ellos
Al menos longitud de los brazos
Muchos matará usted come usted ejecuta sobre
Sólo unos pocos en toda la vida
Saluda y compartir cacahuetes
Al igual que plantamos los bosques
No follando Weyerhaeuser
Las ardillas se ocupan de la familia
Adoptar unos a otros bebés
Comunicarse con los cielos
Busque a alta alertar al bosque
Los depredadores están llegando
Tormenta de fuego Humo
Ardillas ven el mundo y hablan
Plan para el sustento futuro
Semillas de dispersión
Chatter y azotar sus colas alrededor
Sí que soy yo
Desertado a las ardillas

© 2015 H.M. Reg. Elena Maria D’Wa y Laniana

Translated from English to Spanish by Google translate

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