Tahlequahs Grief


Tahlequas greif tour of the Salish Sea brought to you by pollution and apathy her mournful song sponsored by Shell and BP sung as she carries decomposing baby for nine days so far surrounded by family as they starve dying as a community travel far taking turns lifting their sorrow above all else a wake a funeral for the world to see as the scientists circle like vultures scavengers waiting to take her carcass child for testing autopsy murder poisioning no LNG its not green see whos checking the water for radiation from fukishima while we all eat salmon watch and listen on devices powered by poison so heart breaking now change the channel excuse me I have to go drive to buy some paper straws wrapped in plastic

Poem by Lennée Reid

Photo by Lori Christopher


The No Bullshit Diet


Have you heard of the latest diet sensation? The No Bullshit diet! You don’t eat any gmos, factory farmed meat, or dairy, cause that’s bullshit. You dont drink alcohol made with gmos cause that’s bullshit. Fast food? Bullshit. Soda? Bullshit. All the stupid white shit Nazis eat? Fuck that bullshit. No white flour, salt, sugar, enslaved abused animal milk none of that bullshit. Because they will give you diabetes inflammation and high blood pressure. No bullshit! No dyes, chemicals, nitrates, or added sulfates. No sushi or pork because you’ll get parasites from that bullshit. So what do you eat then? First off you eat less and stop stuffing your face with this crap. Second drink more filtered water your liver and kidneys will thank you. 3 The vegan trinity beans greens and grains cause you dont need meat three times a day. 4 Add some free range organic grass fed wild meat sparingly. 5 Eat a new fruit and vegetable every month for a year. Yeah omg you need to go to new stores! 6 Learn what your local wild foods are and go get them. 7 Grow your own garlic and onions because you need them to cook every day and its easy as fuck. 8 There are a ton of alternate milks, try them all! 9 100% Blue agave tequila and organic cider are great. Of course they’re expensive. Drink less, dumbass. 10 Do this with ever increasing accuracy for 20 years until everything you cook is better than 95% of what you could eat in a restaurant and then you will have reached the ultimate no bullshit level. But then eating out will suck or be expensive and thats also – No Bullshit! No cooking in plastic in microwaves. Learn to cook and garden. Pull the bullshit from your cupboards and fridge. Make farmer friends that have goats. Breed happy chickens to barter for happy cheese.
And remember….

As within
So without
Don’t put bullshit
In your mouth

For more from Lennée Reid listen to “The Second Coming Of Matriarchy” on band camp.

black widow



black widow
evolution of consciousness circle of life wheel of dharma karma center of the universe we pieces of web intertwined I black widow my thoughts express sound your ears receive here now we have exchange one memory I find my thoughts wander loose my ego by soul go fly download piece of minds manifest inside outside up down revolution round and round confusion state of shock genocide murder cops stop the flood of blood in the street flow of traffic stop the madness shut down racist fascist prison industry no more drug war stop break down build new revolution round town small business down hit resolution go green team buy organic local weed peaces of mother earth gives birth to air I breathe water I be earth my blood pumps goddess Im on fire resolution spirit freedom rider awareness riser higher revolution I’m up in the clouds lost with poetry bombs ignite blow minds point expands circumpunct gaia cup filled with sun stare at light truth fights blindness so mindless guidance leads through night move through the dark to see brightly reflect moons nightly ponder round revolution dominance submission invention patent master taxes money talks to tops pay the bottom to fuck them fuck me fuck trickle down poverty goes round revolution boston tea party throw it down overboard riot fight the crown no distraction to action get education deprogram propaganda out smart persecution resolution revolution idle no more get moving rise up lead yourself past this go forward to revolution baltimore ferguson slavery explain to me how justice includes this shit currently revolution migrant farm working conditions bondage resolution be free show solidarity palestine revolution follow me to the sea level global warming rise up fukushima melts down california dry up dirt sand ashes to ashes dust to dust revolution serves carcasses starfish porpoises polar bears know where glaciers splash ice berg crash titanic sinking down round revolution pollution coal train rolls oil rig explodes cargo dark clouds go up chemtrails sprayed downfall pain and strife resolution revolution web of life holds everything in balance just like karma wait and see watch now fuck me I am black widow

Lennée Reid is a geeky unitarian witch poet activist that is trying to make sense if it all and find peace Her work is published in Works In Progress often She has featured all over cascadia She can be found smudging people at the artesian well at noon on tuesdays and enjoys organic fair trade anything road trips and karaoke

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